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What are the signs you've reached the Whole XX?

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I want to thank everyone for their answers to previous questions.  This program truly is life changing.  I am now on Day 24 and starting to think about the end of the program.


I had three major issues when I started:

  • Had poor eating patterns (skipped meals, binge eating at night)
  • Drank alcohol too often
  • Started smoking again

While some of my food contained banned ingredients, I largely ate healthy food.


I've made mistakes.  I haven't always eaten breakfast within the hour.  Sometimes, I didn't listen to my hunger signals only to overeat later in the day to make up for it.  (This happened largely on weekends.  Weekdays I eat my three meals a day).


I've done a lot right.  I've cooked almost all my food and drank my water.  I have not intentionally consumed anything non-compliant.  I've gotten more sleep and started exercising again.  I haven't drank or smoked with surprisingly little effort.


I have noticed difference in my sleep.  My energy seems to be a bit better, although I do have days where I am tired during the day.  My main skin issue persists.  It may be getting better but I cannot tell.  Only yesterday does there seem to be some shift in my body composition.


Now for my question:


If this is your first Whole 30, when do you know that you can reintroduce foods without undoing the initial repair work going on in your body?  You often suggest extending the Whole 30 but how can you tell it is ok to stop?


I plan to continue mainly eating like this for the foreseeable future.  It has inspired me to finally cook and I enjoy I am eating.  However, there are a couple of events on the horizon in which I would like to indulge a little.  If it would mean I would undo the work I have done for 30 days, I will suck it up but it is hard to think it is that black and white.


Thanks bunches!



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If you have completed 30 days without non-compliant ingredients, you are free to begin the process of reintroducing these foods. We would recommend doing a controlled reintroduction (one item at a time) for the best information on which foods have adverse impacts and what kinds of impact to expect. That will help you make choices about "indulgences" when the time comes.

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I think I know where you're coming from Reece. Do you feel like you haven'f fully reaped all the benefits you'd hoped to yet? I'm on day 27 and still not feeling the tiger blood; still have inflammation issues in my shoulder and knee and still have horrible crazy hayfever - three things I'd hoped this whole30 would resolve or at least make better. As such, I'm tempted to do a whole45 or maybe even longer. I know my results have probably been hampered from shift work (especially my fatigue).


I think it's up to us after the 30 days are up to assess PERSONALLY if we feel we need to do longer.

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Exactly Nazza!  I know that anyone who does 30 days has officially successfully completed the program.  I've also read the reintroduction guidelines.  I know that I need to continue with this but was just concerned if any veering from the plan would make healing longer, even if after 30 days.


Thanks to you both.  I will assess and make my own determination in 5 days!

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