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More Changes to Come

Tina Marie

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I was done with my w30 10/4 and then continued on.  For the most part everything compliant.  I have tried some wonderful gouda cheese, and it did not seem to have any affect on me.  I will be doing a formal re-intro of dairy but am going to intro individual things on their own.   Like sour cream, cream,  cheeses.  I really don't miss them - just want to see if dairy may be the cause for all the inflammation that I had.


When I finished my w30-  I lost 11 lbs and 1" off all measured body parts.  I felt wonderful - didn't need to take any pain killers during those 30 days, and beyond.  Have only taken Tylenol for mild headaches.  No aleve, advil, 


I finish the 2nd on 11/2.   I know that I am still losing weight - cuz my pants are very loose now,


I was posting in my log - but decided it was time to continue on here.  I am hoping some friends who were with me along the way join me. 

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Today has been a big cookup day ~  I've found that I need to have some food in the freezer that will be easy to throw together.  I don't want to fall into "I'll just throw a pizza in " I need to have a few nights of easy - have to do OT and I find I end up eating pretty late if I have to cook start to finish.


So - I have made Bora Bora meatballs (minus coconut shavings) they turned out very good.  Czech meatballs just came out of the oven,  However - I didn't know that caraway is the flavor that is in rye bread - which I don't like.  Luckily I didn't use the full amount that the recipe called for. I will see if I can eat them - or if I can find a friend who might eat them !!  Baking is sweet potato bake, an acorn squash and carmelizing some onions.  Boiled a bunch of eggs. Attempting to bake some sweet potato fries - never made them before.  I have roasted sweet potatoes- never made French fries.


Tomorrow - I am making a butternut squash and pork stew. 


I didn't eat the best today - Have been shopping, garage cleaning, and cooking.  I did have less than 1/2 glass of my wonderful wine that I got on our wine and cheese weekend.  Plum Lyte -  Per Melissa - have enough to satisfy you -  I drank it and enjoyed it.  Then I didn't have any more.  (which honestly - is a first  I used to have atleast 2 full glasses whenever I had a bottle of this.  It is very good and I will savor every mouthful


M1 was left over roast w/ cauliflower, sw potato

and now thinking about it -  I don't think that I had lunch. 

M3 - I snacked on bora bora balls,  so I think I will have to make myself a salad soon so I can get some veggies in me before bed !


We will see how the wine affects me - if at all.

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I am 1 week away from completing another 30, with some very minor 'off roading'... I'm not calling it reintro - because I really haven't done any reintroducing. I have decided that I don't know what I want to reintroduce!


I am feeling so well - the weight loss is nice - have gone a whole pants size and shirt size... but the bigger things are, my swollen legs are gone, my rings fit again.  AND  my pain from plantar fasciitis is almost gone. I have not needed my dicolfenac at all !


So - tonight after dinner, I wanted to snack -I bought Terra Chips Sweets and Beets - one of my favs.  Figured I deserved it- so on Sunday I had 3 chips... and today I wanted chips -  and am not hungry.  I just want to snack.  So I am on here... posting


I'm not giving in !


I took a Epsom salt bath, last night had lots of aches and woke with a headache.  Not sure if it was the wine - I am going to drink a whole glass of wine on Saturday because I don't have anything going on Sunday so if I have a "reaction"  I will be able see if wine is going to be a problem


well - I think it is time for me to wind down for the night

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Found you!!!!! :D

 I hope the aches and pains have abated . Something seems to have disagreed with you Tina,  time will tell.   I find that sometimes it can be a day or 3 after I've eaten wrong that I feel toxic, then I have a puzzle wondering what it was because I don't always record everything anymore.   4 days of good eating is usually what it takes to have me feeling as good as I did when I finished the W30.  

It's unseasonably warm and windy here, the autumn leaves are being ripped from the trees and I ought to go tidy the garden, but I have 2 more nights to work so it's hold the chores time.  I need to do some cooking too, to have some grab n go stuff ready.    You triggered a memory Tina!  I used to love the flavour of caraway - I haven't tasted it for years - my grandma used to make a 'seed cake' - I think it was basically a sponge with caraway seeds,  then when I used to take my kids camping in a little village in the Lake District, it was renowned for their special bread called 'Hawkshead Whig' - which was caraway flavoured but not rye, yummy!  So -  ramble over - I would love your recipe  for  Czech meatballs please!  (since cake and bread are really better not on my menu) :(.

I hope Donna Lori and Amy get over here too.   I'm off to fry up eggs for a meal, with spinach and melted clarified butter.  Just as good as eggs Florentine without the muffin!  

Catch-up later, C x

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I'm so glad you found our new post !  I sent you a PM -  Looking forward to Donna, Lori and Amy coming over - I've enjoyed our conversations and hope everyone joins us.


I had to double check if the recipe was on her website (it is in Well Fed)  and it is - so I can share it with you.  BUT  I am at work and my computer will not allow me to copy anything.   You can find it on www.theclothesfitthegirl.com   search  Czech meatballs.


chat soon

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OHHH  my ~  we are having Customer service appreciation week here.  Everyday they have been having treats for us - Monday baked potato bar,  yesterday - Donuts - today   Taco Lunch...  it is killing me !  of course it is right by my desk.   and it smells de-vine !!!    


At this point - I  could  have some if I wanted, but I know there will be sugar in the sauce, and if I have some of the meat, I will want the sour cream, cheese  So I think I will pass and eat my curry chicken and cauliflower


Pray for me that I can stay strong !!  LOL


Chrissie - I have decided I like the Czech meatballs,  I think the flavor was stronger when first made - now it seems to have mellowed.  I had them for dinner last night

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YOU CAN BE STRONG  ;)!     what a terrible place you work to keep putting food on for you lol!    

I'm braising a pan of veggies to have with roast chicken, and taking salad to work.  I got some gluten free crispbreads but they are wrecking my insides, I've hardly slept today for the gurgling. (sorry, too much information!)  They are going in the bin.   I hope Donna and Lori are ok and find here soon. 

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Yea I finally found you. Thanks Chrissie. I had searched everywhere I could think of and Chrissie suggested I go to and old post of yours and click on your image. I was able to find this site from there.

I feel like I am doing good.  I am doing about 80/20 paleo. maybe more then 80 percent.  I have very limited dairy. A little sour cream or cream cheese once or twice a week. I haven't eaten any wheat. I have a gluten free bagel made with tapioca instead of flour on Sunday mornings.  It feels like a treat.

I also for a sweet treat make chocolate Chia pudding with cacao powder, coconut milk, vanilla and stevia. I make a whip cream from coconut cream and have about a quarter cup of the pudding with a dollop of cream on it.  It more then satisfies my sweet tooth.


I have been really bad about my exercise in the last month. I need to get a handle on that and start going more. I tend to do things all out.  I do it to the letter or not at all.  I need to find a balance at the gym. Maybe four times a week not every day. I seem to get a momentum going and do better at things if I make it a priority and go hard at it. I have lost a couple lbs just in the last few days. I have not been eating as many avocados or as big a lunches and not wanting to lose weight is one reason I had slacked on the exercise during the plan.

When I worked I didn't go to the gym. I did a couple of classes a week and that was it.


A new store opened here called Natural Grocers. I am hoping it will cause a price competition with Whole foods.  Its been nice.  They have a room set up for Cooking classes and lectures. 

They had a paleo class the first day then they had the authors of Quick and Easy Paleo the Mayfields and then Robb Wolf the author of The Paleo Solution.  I was able to attend the first class and she had done the whole 30 and said you need to do it twice a year to keep in tune with your body. You will learn more each time.

Tonight there is a class on different ways to cook with Kale. You get a stamp for each class and 5 stamps gives you $10.00 off your groceries. I would like the classes anyway but that is a nice little bonus.


You are doing great Tina. So happy for you to feel your clothes getting looser. I know that feeling from the past. I needed to and lost 20 pounds a while back. I have that cook book and will try the meat balls.  Stay strong around the temptation. You have worked so hard to get where your at.

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Hi Donna, glad you got here!  

I've got the ingredients for the meatballs, but I've still got roast chicken  and stuff to finish off, then on Saturday we are going to visit the in-laws down in Lincolnshire for a couple of days so I'll have to leave it for a while.   They are good at eating traditional food, - meat and veggies and I'll just pass on the pud !

The grandchildren are coming tomorrow for Halloween treats.... I need to find something not too junk-like to offer them.  I'm baby sitting tonight so I think I'll do some internet searching. 

Donna the new store sounds great, how clever to offer classes and a bonus for attending!   It's interesting they suggest a W30 twice a year.  That's a good idea.


Off to fry up some veggies. :)

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Hi Donna !!!   sorry it was so difficult - if either of you can copy the link to this post into the old one - please do so !


I am making it through this week.  today is French Toast Stix day - so am ok with the food, as it is smelling only of cinnamon. No desire to run into the break room for French toast stix !   LOL


My meals have been compliant - but am getting bored.   So I will have to spend the weekend recipe surfing

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I get bored with my meals also and have to change it up once in a while.  I am less bored now though then before w30. I was really in a rut.


I went to the other site and typed in what shows in the search engine at the very top of this page and told them to type it into there search area.  I tried it that way and it brought me right here.  I could copy it put it wouldn't let me paste it.  Anyway hopefully we will here from them.


Have a good weekend Chrissie and enjoy the grand kids. Tina happy cooking sounds like you are on a mission.  I need to get some done ahead also.

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Hi my friends,  I made it over.  To be honest, my schedule has just been full, so I hadn't had time to look.  I get the new posts on my phone but somehow they don't let me reply there. I have missed you all.   I did get Casey's Halloween costume finished and the delight in her face made the whole effort so worth it.  She was just ecstatic, and that can be hard at times with 11 year old, hormonal girls.  It is getting cold her, will get a freeze tonight, so I am glad that I winterized my RV when we came home from camping last weekend. 


My food has been pretty clean.  I have introduced brown rice and quinoa this week.  Can't say that I have noted any ill effects.  My next trial will be hard cheese.  I have allowed myself an occasional treat, like I had a glass of wine over the weekend, and then I bought some 70% dark chocolate  with coconut, and have enjoyed an occasional nibble.  Otherwise my meals look much like how they did during whole 30.  I do know I will occasional do another round of whole 30, I was thinking after I finish the reintro, and then the few vacations I have over the next two months.  In November we are going to a historic hotel in Indiana, West Baden Springs, then in December we are taking a Disney cruise..  I am sure there will be temptations over the holidays.


I have found another cookbook that I really love.  It is called the Zenbelly Cookbook, an epicurean's guide to Paleo Cuisine, by Simone Miller.  It is another one I may decide to purchase.  I love looking for new recipes and exploring foods.  I am feeling like overall this is a way of life.  I feel so good eating this way and food has become less of a burden.  I was talking with a co-worker yesterday and she is ready to try after our little talk.  I did have a panic last week, of am I really eating too much, am I still losing weight?  But I did not weigh.  I just know I am doing the right thing, because my body feels so good. 


I think I will be off to bed now, I just finished a 24 hour shift. 

Hope you all have a good day, and Happy Halloween. 

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Hi Ladies ~  last night went out for dinner, had a wonderful grilled chicken salad...  well it had carmelized pecans,  some cheese that was pretty yummy (not a ton but enough), and a raspberry vinagerette.  (which I'm sure had sugar in it - as it was pretty sweet-didn't have much of it)  I left quite a bit of the pecans behind


My daughter said - Just enjoy it !  don't worry about that little bit of sugar.


so I did -   until I went to bed ~  and then the gurgly commenced.... and I was kinda uncomfortable.  ok  I WAS uncomfortable.     and of course - don't know what to blame it on - did they use the veggie wash on their greens ? (I can't handle that stuff ) - the cheese- or the sugar.


I really had wanted shrimp - but they only offered shrimp alfredo..so the salad was the other option


This morning I feel better - and will be eating all compliant so I think all will be fine.

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Tina, I hope your belly has settled down this morning.  It is indeed frustrating to know what is the culprit.


I am so glad Halloween has passed.  I have spent so much time with costume production.  And my life shows for it.  I have clean laundry piling up in the basket to fold, I have dishes to load in the dish washer.  I have craft stuff all over my counter that needs put away.  And I need to have a cooking day.  At least I do have a few more meals in the freezer.  Unfortunately I never really ate everything I should have yesterday, really had no lunch, I know not good.  On the run I grabbed a handful of cashews, I figured better than nothing.  Then I didn't want to eat at the party last night, as I figured not compliant.  I dis have a bowl of flank steak and bok choy from the refridge before I went to the party.  So I need a good go to when I just haven't had time to cook.  In the pas,t on a day like this I would have went through a drive thru somewhere.  But I don't want to do that.  So help me with some ideas for emergency rations that are whole 30 friendly. 


Now I work all weekend, so unless I get some done tonight when I get home, nothing is going to get caught up til Monday. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  It is cold and blustery here, 37 this am. 

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evening !


Made my mayo today - with avocado oil and raw apple cider vinegar (finally found some ! ) and I like it better than the original w/ lemon and olive oil.  it tastes 'smoother' to me. Now I can make coleslaw and the jicama/carrot slaw.  I've been wanting hotdogs and slaw.  So I will have to get the Gilbert dogs that I bought last time.

 Chrissie - now that I have the raw acv, I am going to try your drink.  I'm done with another 30 - so I think I can handle a little honey or agave syrup.


I have lost another 1" !  tomorrow I will weigh myself - I bought myself 2 new shirts - and they are not the normal baggy - need to hide the rolls shirts  - actually fitted - and I have to say they look pretty darn good.  Ok  I look pretty darn good in them !!   I am amazed how I am feeling so much better about myself - even for the liitle bit that my body has changed.


I did my shopping today and the local store had an awesome bakery smell going on - donuts and they smelled good.  I wanted one - for a moment - enjoyed the smell, and then I did my shopping and left.   I joined Costco, the organic beef is a good price - around $5/lbs, got the organic fryers, butter, & avocado oil  feels good to get some meat in the freezer.  I would like to buy a 1/4 side of organic beef  but I almost keeled over when I saw the price.


The weather here has taken a turn for the colder - and I hate it !  It will be dark when I go to work and dark when I come home. (like everyone else ) but I get so lazy and nonmotivated during the winter.  So my goal is to figure out how to get some exercise in.  We have a work out room at work - I think I may start walking some before work because I usually am there atleast 1/2 hr before I need to be, due to dropping Brooke off at school.


Made spaghetti meat sauce tonight, so had that for dinner w/ grilled zucchini. Had a wonderful lunch of steak and great veggies w/ a friend at a great place downtown.  Made Brooke a loaf pan of lasagna - she actually asked me to make it !


I hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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Hi Ladies


If you are asking about go to food at home. The easiest to me is to eat breakfast for dinner.  Have single portions of meals you have left over frozen and just have to reheat. Canned tuna or salmon and make cakes you can freeze and take out a couple when you need them.  Replace stopping for fast food with stopping to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I think you will find that question asked on the forum and may get some good ideas. Frozen tilapia is also fast.


I think I just figured out that grains make me a little moody, anxious feeling. Feeling a little overwhelmed even when I  really don't have any time constraints or deadlines. Just uneasy and rushed. Sounds dumb but that is how I felt.  It feels good to be able to put a food group to how we are feeling. Before I would just be puzzled why I was feeling that way and just thought it was a character flaw.


I am really enjoying the classes the new store is having.

I am going back to yoga.  I quit about 6 months ago.  My back is bothering me and I think I need the stretching and other moves we do in yoga.

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Tina your message showed up when I posted mine. Didn't see it before. Congrats on more inches. I am so glad you said about making mayo with avocado oil. I was just wondering today if it would work. I will do it next time.

I want to let you know that I have read and heard at these classes that agave is not particularly good for you.  Honey is healthier and has more nutrients.

I hear what you are saying about being dark when you go to work and dark when you come home.  When I worked at the Sheriff's office I worked under ground so no windows and it was hard not seeing daylight. 

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Hello all, home sweet home!   

Well done Tina, on a further loss and feeling good in your new clothes.   My bro in law noticed there was less of me, it's a nice feeling.   Then fed me well on home cooked food; including a small glass of good wine and an overdose of sugary desserts - I did take a little, but not a lot, and enjoyed what I had, which I think is what we are aiming for.  Deciding to take the slightly less well feeling in exchange for a mouthful or two of celebratory food?   It is good to be back in my own kitchen tonight; shopping on the way home for meat and veg to braise in the pressure cooker.  

Donna it is interesting that you have worked out that grains can affect your anxiety. It is still fascinating to consider how much our food choices affect us.  

I know what you all mean by the dark months now - I suppose this is where working night shift benefits for I am actually  off duty when the sun is up even though I ought to sleep, I never sleep as many hours when I am on nights on  as when I am on my nights off - if that makes sense!  

Donna, I don't think I could have worked in an underground office.  That must have been so hard.  

Lori, I hope you managed a cook-up. I think Donna's idea of grabbing a cooked chicken is a good one.  Also, eggs and compliant sausages are my emergency ration.    How did you get your picture in the little box?  It's nice to put a face to a name.   

Well I ought not have any more food challenges now until Christmas, It's number 1 grandson's 4th birthday later this month, but I am at work, so I get just to pop in and say ''hello'' without needing to party!   Working bonfire night too, so no problems there.   Do you have bonfire night over your way?   It used to be more of a celebration here than Halloween.   Nowadays, our children get both, Halloween parties and bonfire night parties!    We don't have Thanksgiving.  I suppose our nearest thing to that is the Harvest Festival in September, there is no celebratory meal here though.     I think our ancestors invented more reasons to party when the nights were cold and dark!  Following the Christmas feasting, there is more at New Year - 'Hogmanay' if you're Scottish; then also from our Scottish descendants - Burn's night, in January, when the consumption of haggis and whisky is traditional..... then it'll be time to do another W30 methinks :).

Hope you are all in good spirits,

C x

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hi ladies !   Lost 4 more lbs !  Very happy with that...


Chrissie - doesn't it feel good when someone notices !!


Donna - yes  try the avocado mayo -  !   I keep saying I need to go to a Yoga class - but they make it difficult as I am most definitely a beginner and they only offer those on Saturdays and sometimes I work.  BUT I really want to go so I guess I will just go and do what I can


I decided that I am going to have my Terra chips and home made onion dip along with my hotdog and coleslaw.  I decided I will eat them WITH my meal rather than sitting down and snacking on them.  I really don't want to start the snacking back up  but I do want some chips !!


I will check in later on this evening ... have a good day

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Made coleslaw - with my avocado mayo and some homemade mustard. It is pretty darn good - i'm sure tomorrow will be even better.  No need for sugar - that was the Old Tina.  Had a compliant brat w/ mayo/mustard (again good - )  made the mustard w/ mustard seeds, and acv, then processed as smooth as you want it.


Donna -  I thought the agave was better for you - but I can certainly see why the properties of honey are better.  I would like to find some raw honey again.  Had found some during a craft fair, but they are no where close to me.


I made zucchini/rutabaga/sw potato fritters tonight - pretty yummy.


Tomorrow M1 will be eggs and the fritters. 
M2 will be a salad
M3 will be hot dogs/slaw, my chips and dip. (or no dip)


I have a chicken to roast - but don't have the energy or time to do it tonight ... and it gets to mushy and/or dry if I do it in the crock pot. So I think it will have to wait until tomorrow.


hope all have a good evening

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Good morning all.   Brilliant further weight loss Tina (round of applause!!!!!)

Not a good sleep last night, I kept getting cramp - this is not something that normally bothers me.   I recall you saying you get cramp Tina; did the magnesium help? 

When I was having my brainstorm a couple of weeks back I decided to put my now food into the weight watchers tracker, and surprisingly, even with adding fat, I was only a little bit over their allowance, on what would have been a maintenance regime with them.   And I too am still reducing my weight, albeit slowly. This surely is it for life!

I'm going to make the Czech meatball recipe today, for tomorrows meal.  It's left-over lamb shank today.    I'm back to work tonight so I think I'll make some veg soup and a frittata type thing.

It is a gorgeous autumn morning, cloudless blue skies, a mellow gold sun - and cold.  Proper wrap up in hats and scarves and skip through the leaves weather (though it's a long time since I considered skipping :lol:)

I hope you all get to skip a bit today too.

C x  

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Congrats Chrissie on the weight loss.  It seems to validate it when other people notice it. 

Tina where did you find a mustard recipe and did you put mustard in the mayo as well as the ACV?

I know what you mean about Yoga, but they say there is no competition just do your limits.  I am fortunate I live close to a senior center. Younger people go to the class but it is geared towards seniors. A lot of stretching and twisting to loosen the body up.  Some strength and balance moves but all gentle and slow.

I am so happy with this way of eating and I can tell you ladies are also. So easy and satisfying.


We are having nice weather now also.  I think Amy's area has had a big early snow storm.


I made the Bora Bora Fireball meat balls and they were ok to me but my husband really like them. Let us know what you think of the Czech meatballs Chrissie.

Have a wonderful day/night what ever it is for you.

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Here is the recipe for the mustard - I had added agave (that is what I have ) and only added a minute amount as I only used 1 1/2 T of mustard seeds.  it was difficult to blend as it was such a small amount -  I will definitely double the recipe so I can have some on hand.   Who would thunk that you could make your own mustard !!  


good luck with making it !   It is not hard at all


I have decided that I am going to take a week off -   OK  do we really take a week off  ???    But I am going to eat the same but eat some of those things that I want to reintro.    then after intros  I am going back to W30 and will live this way as much as I can   Ok  so it will be a little longer than a week that I will be back hard core W30.  I'm just going to follow the reintro - 1 day old food - and then the next 2 W30.  


Chrissie - I think you will like the Czech balls.. they were pretty good.  Donna - I like the Bora Bora balls but I didn't do the coconut or whatever hot spice she had in the ingredients.   I took those to my hair appt on Saturday - they were good room temp so ate those with my raw veggies.


I just put a container of both of those in the freezer so I can pull them out for those nights that "a pizza is easier".


Still having a hard time finding food that my daughter will eat.  Most everything is Yuck - or I don't like the meat..   She used to eat a salad but now she is being picky about that too.


I think she would eat better if we get back to eating together ~ since having to do OT, I usually don't get home until 6:30 If I'm lucky and then she has already eaten.  I even made her a dish and she ate something else (little crapper) !


Oh and Yes Chrissie - I was having some terrible leg cramps and I think the Epsom baths and drinking mineral water has helped.  I have not taken magnesium - can't figure out dosage or what kind it should be.  It was mostly in my left leg and now recently in my right.  BUT the cramps are further in between.


I will check back later !

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Good luck with reintroducing things Tina, and enjoy!  I'm glad your cramps seem to be improving a little. 

Lori, did you ever catch up with your chores?   Mine have been swept under the carpet until I next feel the mood  to catch up!  

The Czech meat balls are lovely.  This is something I will make again!

You are fortunate there is a centre nearby for your Yoga Donna, nice gentle stretching and slow movements; very meditative. My husband has a rowing machine sitting gathering dust upstairs, it would not be hard to do a few minutes a day, this is what I really need to work on - getting my fitness to match with my new eating.   I find I can make a million excuses not to move more.  Although, with losing weight and much inflammation is reduced I move much more easily than I did, even with the achey side effects of skin treatment .   I have proved I can change my eating so I'm sure I can improve my exercise too!

Enjoy fireworks tonight if you are having any!   We've got the cats shut in so they do not get frightened.  

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I enjoyed my hotdogs, coleslaw, chips and dip last night.  I ate the chips and dip as part of my meal instead of separately.  The onion dip was made w/ the home made mayo and it tasted just fine to me - no need for sour cream. (which seemed more creamy)


M1 butternut squash/pork stew

M2 will be last nights dinner, but instead of chips and dip - having the fritters
M3 will be butternut stew again.


I have decided (and not going to change my mind) that I am going to a beginners yoga class on Saturday morning !  I MUST get into exercising - especially over the winter.  I know that I like it - I enjoy it - but I am lazy !!!


Chrissie - so glad you like the meatballs.  I agree they will be a staple.  I love the convenience of them


Donna  I really do like the mayo much better w/ the avocado oil  -  I hope yours turns out.

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