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Hello, sorry for my absence.  I just can't get caught up!  I just feel like I keep up at times.  I guess working 60 hours per week, planning and cooking meals, time with the daughter and well house chores doesn't leave much spare time. My days just get away from me.  But I am doing well.  I have decided to weigh in the first Wednesday of each month-the scales are living in my basement, and truth be told I mostly don't miss that daily up and down.  I've just completed 7 weeks living largely Paleo/whole 30.  The last 3 weeks I am down 4.2 pounds, a total of 20.2 since beginning.  I am feeling so good about myself.  I went shopping this week and bought new sizes!  I too keep getting the "you have really lost weight!"  That feels really good. 


I feel so good, I am starting to get nervous about adding dairy and grains.  I still haven't done it!  This weekend Casey and I are heading to West Baden Springs Indiana, and I have been scouring the menu.  I am so nervous about a whole weekend of eating in restaurants.  I don't want to make bad choices, yet at the same time I don't want to make myself crazy.  I am wondering if this weekend should be my reintro of cheese and then try to just keep staying away from gluten.  I do think gluten is my likely worst food.  But to be honest I am just scared.  I don't want the food cravings to come back.  It has been so nice to be free of that burden. 


Tina and Chrissie, big applause for your success with continued weight loss.  This program is indeed a winner by the progress we make. 


Tina I too have made mustard in the past, I gave it as holiday gifts one year and it was very tasty.  I will have to try your version.  I would love some of the meatball recipes I keep seeing you talk about.  Please share your favorites or where the recipes come from.  Donna, I am indeed intrigued by the bora bora fireball meatballs, share these too.


Yoga sounds like a great idea Tina and Donna.  I know I need to add more movement.  Even just walking, which is easy.  But I haven't got to it lately.  Seems in the spring I make resolutions to do some race and that gets me going.  Last year I did my first triathlon.  Right now I have my sights on a hiking vacation to Machu Pichu.   So I do need to get moving.


Chrissie, I did add the magnesium that the book recommended, Natural Calm, though truth be told I forget to take it at times.  I don't so much face any leg cramps though so no advice there. 


I'm starting to look for pumpkin things and ran into some recipes by Danielle Walker.  Anyone tried any pumpkin recipes.  Please share.


Will try to check in before  we head away for the weekend.

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hi peeps ! 


Lori - check out  the Czech meatballs are on her website, the bora bora meatballs may also be there.  Her cookbook Well Fed has the BoraBora meatballs in it too.   Good for you and your weight loss !  20 lbs is great. 

  I am also needing new pants - I'm down to the new 3 ones I just bought - and 2 of those need to be hemmed ! (I'm a little on the short side  5'2") I was a little shocked a favorite pair of pants are now too big - they fit fine about 2 weeks ago - and today they were just too loose to even look good. My daughter said they looked like sweat pants.  So now they will go to the back of the closet.  I know that I should actually get rid of them entirely - BUT  old habits are hard to stop.  So once I go down another pants size then I will move them out.  (I've actually have had them for about 11 yrs - classic black w/ some thin pink pinstriping. )  You all have a pair similar - you fit in them - then you don't - then you fit back into them  LOL !!! ;)


So last night I decided to have a turtle sundae -  I was hovering on giving into my desire - until my grandson, ever so sweetly says "Mimi - can we please have ice cream (I think he is a mind reader)  I like Culvers !"   So we had ice cream..  no ill effects, although this morning I woke up with a very slight headache)  It was a nice treat - but I really don't desire to eat that on a regular basis.


M1 was big salad w/ fried egg, salmon, cukes, tomatoes, avocado & mushrooms, - Love my salads
m2 will be pork chop and sw potato
m3 - not sure !  Maybe a burger  - or maybe I will stop and get some shrimp


I am looking forward to the weekend - no plans ! My house is also a disaster !  I have done absolutely no thorough cleaning - and my paperwork is over flowing, needs to be filed or shredded. I have some odd kitchen cupboards that I would love to figure out storage solutions for them (they are the corner cupboards. So anything put in those cupboards are hard to reach-)   


So glad it Thursday !  Hope everyone has a good day

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Thanks Tina, I just scooched over to clothes make the girl.  Not sure if Casey will go for the caraway in the Czech meatball-I will try them later for me, but found a Turkey and cranberry one that I will try this month, sounds yummy,  Didn't see the one Donna made.  I also found a recipe on Nom Nom Paleo for Asian meatballs that I will try.  She says she packs them in lunches and eats them cold.  I'm thinking of making them for road food.  Have you eaten them cold?

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Oh and I forgot -  I actually did some arm exercises last night !  whoot whoot.   Ok it was not much but it was more than the day before !


I didn't add as much caraway (I'm not a huge fan) so I think I used 1/2 as much.  and then it seemed to mellow as the meat balls sat.  I ate both the Czech and Bora Bora cold for my lunch and still Yummy.


Do the Asian ones have soy sauce ?  I would give them a whirl as well. 

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Hi everyone!    Sat down for a cuppa and a natter with you all and forgot to boil the kettle; ladies cold water on a tea bag does. not. work.    Hee-hee!   So, reorganised my brain and here we go again.  

 Great weight loss Lori, and Tina - throw out those trousers!   It seems that apart from Donna (you seem sorted ;)) we are on a mission to move more, and tidy up.   Well; I could incorporate the housework into a keep-fit event by putting on some good music and dancing with the hoover - multi-tasking!   I'm going to be forced into a clean up this weekend as another new carpet is to be fitted on Monday so we have to clear the front room and lift the old one.  These days the fitters only fit, nothing else.   Once upon a time, if you were less than abled, for a couple of pounds more they would shift the heavy furniture and pull up the old carpet.  This weekend neither of our sons are available to lend their muscles, so we will do it ourselves, bit by bit.   That is as well as going out for morning coffee with my daughter and babysitting for my son in the evening tomorrow.    

The weather is pretty rubbish, cold and wet.   I have found myself mooching in the kitchen wondering what to eat.   Then I did a mental check and realised I have been using less fat for a couple of days while I've been on nights.   For some reason, mayo has tasted too rich, and I ran out of butter & didn't get back to the shops  and the coconut oil is nearly out too - so I've been more sparing.   I've gone off olives, and over here the avocados are like rocks, even the supposed ready ripened.     I think I better get out of my PJ's and down to the supermarket.  Got to remember how important fat is.

Your daughters being fussy over food reminds me of a time when my girl would eat nothing but peanut butter and raw carrots.   she survived ! 

Tina, what's a turtle sundae please,  I'm having mental pictures of a shelled amphibian with whipped cream and a cherry on top!!!   I hope you enjoy your yoga class.

I've got a pan of bones simmering for broth, some roast chicken and vegetables, the freezer seems empty of stuff I like too.  I need to do some planning  before I shop or this weekend is going to be a foody disaster.  

Have a good weekend everyone :)

C x

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Good Morning all


Busy, busy.  I've got a list and I am making good progress with crossing things off.  Got the dreaded flu shot this am, I was running out of time, since it is mandated by work.  Now all I have left to do is make meatballs for our road dinner tonight and hard boil some eggs for my breakfast at the hotel. Oh and clean the bathrooms!   I am going to reintro cheese/dairy tomorrow while we are traveling.  I think I have made piece with eating out in restaurants.  Last I have to pack the suitcase.  We are doing a Polar Express excursion through the hotel we are staying, we bought new jammies, slippers and robes.  I am really looking forward to that, and it is a surprise to Casey.  She has not been able to figure out where we might be going in out PJ's. 


Chrissie, I always love reading your posts.  They really bring me joy, and sometimes laughter (in a good way!)  Sounds like a lot of work pulling up your carpet and moving furniture.  I don't envy you.  I need to start making some bone broth too.  I know it is much better than the stuff we can buy at the store.  Oh I always need more hours in my life!  I will let Tina tell you of turtle sundae's, but I had a really good chuckle of your idea of an amphibian. 


I will check in when we get home Sunday, hope you all have a great weekend.

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Hi !    Chrissy - to speed up the ripening process of your avocado's - place them in a paper bag.  then they will ripen much faster.  I have heard that avocados can be frozen... which I am going to try as they are currently on sale for 99 cents.  Let them ripen and then cut them in half - take out seed and freeze in freezer bags.


A turtle sundae -(although I don't know if I can eat one again - now I am seeing an amphibian as well !!!!  LOL)  vanilla ice cream, carmel, hot fudge and pecans. and if you choice - whipped cream and a cherry


Be every so careful pulling up that carpet !  No throwing out either of your backs. !!


I baked my chicken last night - put some home grown rosemary under the skin and in the cavity w/ some avocado oil.  smelled delish !


So glad it is Friday -  friends and I are getting together to make Lumpia tonight  -   basically eggrolls.  But they have a ton of soy sauce in them - so I will be making them for Brooke to eat.  They freeze pretty well - so that will make a good couple of meals or snacks for her.


I am also going to be making some broth this weekend - love the smell of it as it simmers away - I have 3 chicken carcasses that I have to use up - already have quite a bit of stock in the freezer but hey  I don't think there is such a thing as too much stock !!   I am going to add some of my dad's apples to it as well  (wind falls so they have to be used up) and that gives the broth a great flavor as well.


Lori - your weekend sounds Marvelous !  can I ask where you are headed (or where you went).   I hope you have a wonderful time. (( just re-read your posts  you are going to IN !)

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Hi ladies

I know what you are all feeling about exercise and wanting to start but putting it off.  I did that for years off and on. I had a big time motivator after being so sick. Also I was retired then so I had the time. Don't get upset with yourself you will make it a priority like you have the meal plan when you are ready.

We have made such a big change in our lives just with the way we are eating.

I think we are all feeling so good on this plan that you don't have to worry about falling off it just by trying something off plan.  When I add something I am always ready to go back to it. I eat whole 30 90 percent of the time.

If you remember way back I said I had not told my best friend.  I told her about a week ago and she is now reading the book and going to the classes at the store.  She is excited about it.  Yea

I was also going to try the turkey cranberry meatballs. Sounds good.

You ladies do amaze me with all you do. Working so many hours, babysitting or caring for your own children, sewing, doing all this shopping and cooking this plan requires, blogging with us.  I find myself falling behind on house and paperwork and I don't have all those other duties and you are all doing great on reaching your weight goals.

Lets keep each other strong through the Holidays.

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I finally did it - I took a yoga class on Saturday .... OM-G what a workout !  and I only did a basic 101 Yoga class.   I will be signing up for the full class when it starts again, because I have to work this next Saturday.


I managed to get some organizing done this weekend  (still have to clean off my bed - everything ends up there while sorting !  so no bed for me until it all gets put away !!)


I made another big pot of chicken stock - my freezer is loaded.  I do believe that I should be able to can some - but need to read up on it... I  now that meats can be canned, so I assume stock would be no different.


My fridge is on the fritz again and I had to throw out all of my greens - very frustrating.


This past week I have been eating those little things that I have wanted.... ice cream, cheese, and some chips, and a 1/2 glass of wine today

My main meals were mostly compliant, the ice cream was a total off road - impulse and I enjoyed it.  BUT I didn't enjoy it enough to keep eating it on a regular basis.    Tonight I feel slightly bloated.  Tomorrow I am back on W30.   


I am very curious how my cholesterol levels have been affected -  I go in for blood work on Tuesday.  Then my physical next month.


I'm still slightly frustrated that my friends still haven't shown their support - or even congratulated me on what I have accomplished.  I know everyone has their own things going on -and I am probably not there No. 1 priority.   One of my bad habits, that I am responsible for my own happiness, and I have to stop looking to others to make me happy.   My goal is to Be Happy in my own Skin.  I think indulging in the wine - has caused me to start a Pity Party for Tina.   


Ok - party done. 


yesterday  M1  - eggs and potatoes,  M2  was pork chop and sw potatos, zucchini  M3 can't remember !

Today  M1  garbage bowl !  pork chop cut up w/onions, mushrooms, cabbage and apples.  Very Yummy !

M2   avocado, chicken, cuke  salad - if you will.   just put it all in a bowl and mushed it up

M3   burger, sw potato fries, coleslaw. and a bowl of butternut squash soup in there some where.


Tuesday my cousin is coming for lunch - she has many sensitivities and was the one who pointed me towards Paleo - so I am going to make Pina Colada Chicken from Well Fed 2.  She has 5 children who are finicky eaters so she never really eats anything new....  or enjoy foods that her children would turn up their noses.


Hope everyone has had a great weekend

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good evening all


Home from work and have prepped breakfast and lunch for the morning.  Sometimes I have to say I get tired of coming home and having to do the prep.  After working a 12 hour shift I just want to come home and relax.  But, I do like the results I have for sticking to the program!


Had a successful weekend, Friday night we ate the Asian meatballs/broccoli that I had prepped as travel food.  I actually stopped at a gas station and went right in and used the microwave to warm everything up.  In the morning I had my hard boiled eggs, two slices of cheddar and some mixed berries.  For lunch I made a lettuce sandwich with Applegate ham and pepperoni, and some cheese slices with some more fruit.  For dinner we actually went to the restaurant and I had a cobb salad with chicken breast some nice greens, bacon, avocado and cheddar and blue cheese.  I feel like I had a nice test of cheeses.  Didn't really feel any ill effects.  On our train trip I had hot chocolate.  within 15-20 minutes, I was burping and had obvious gastric rumbles.  So my question now is was it the accumulation of dairy, or was it more specifically the milk product.  Of course I want to be OK with cheese, it was very tasty to me.  The milk I could take or leave.  On Sunday we had breakfast in the room again.  Then stopped for lunch on the way home, had a chicken breast, baked sweet potato and broccoli.  Ate dinner at home, meatballs, potatoes and fruit. 


The hotel was delightful.  It was a historic hotel, opened originally in1902, fell on some hard times after the depression but was restored to its original glamour in the late 90's.  We took a historic tour, which I found very interesting.  We swam in the pool, so I too got in some exercise.  But most enjoyable was sitting in the amazing domed atrium, listening first to a harpist, than some live jazz.  Very relaxing. 


Now back to the grind.  I am doing a few days of just whole, then at the end of the week I will do my last trial of gluten.  When I am done with that I think I will do another whole 30, to clean everything up before our cruise in December.  Overall felling good. 


Tina, I am glad you got in some yoga and organizing.  I know how it feels to want positives form others.  I certainly am built that way, and it is hard to accept what we tell ourselves.  I know along the way I have found people who were jealous of my progress, while they remained stuck in there failure.  Whatever it is it still hurts.  I think you have done fantastic.  But it is hard to here from people you have never met.  I know I look forward to the little notes and applauses from our little group.  We all really know what it takes to keep on this road.  Not always easy.  But I have to say I have never felt so emotionally and physically strong, as I do since I have started this program.  But it is easy to still have those little moments.  Last night when I took Casey home to her other mom I felt sad and alone.  But, I went to bed with those feelings had a great nights sleep and today is a new day.  A day when I am back in touch with the strong positive feelings.  Hang on to those successes you feel, and keep up the good work!


Well off to bed for me, work again tomorrow.

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Good morning!   It's a turtle-free zone here in Olde England; but your version did sound much better than mine :).      You sound to have had great weekends.  Tina well done on committing to the yoga.   Donna, don't worry about getting behind with stuff... my husband had to take early retirement as his condition was worsening and as an engineer falling while in a machine environment was not to be recommended.... however, since retirement he complains he never gets a day off to do stuff  :D :D.   Other retired friends also say they don't know how they had time to go to work!

Lori your weekend away sounded lovely and you managed your food so well.    I ache for your loneliness after though.   You are strong however  and surely are still  grieving for your relationship.   Work is a balm at such times, I found.   

 I think we are all conditioned from childhood to want recognition and approval.   Almost, as children our survival depends on our parents and so we must please them... it's hard conditioning to move past....   is that a bit deep for this time of day?    At my workplace, the patients we have the most fun with are usually cheeky and feisty and say it's great being ancient as it no longer matters what others think.   That seems to bring great freedom.   Although I'm not there yet, I love the poem by  Jenny Joseph 'Warning - when I'm old I'll wear purple' ....  although I find I do suit purple, I haven't managed the red hat and sitting on pavements yet!!!!!

Well, the new carpet is laid, the house is gleaming and last night I went to the theatre with my daughter to see Riverdance.   It was amazing and brilliant.   I indulged in a glass of wine before the show started and an ice cream at the interval.   I didn't find the ice cream exciting but ate it anyway - it cost too much to leave! what sore of mad thinking is that?   This morning I am a bit headachy and my nose a bit stuffy, could be a million reasons, not just food? I've eaten relatively cleanly over the weekend, although I bought some gluten-free crackers, and had to have them with cheese and butter - and I haven't looked at the ingredients on the box so there could be a few stray nasty chemicals there too.   I too feel like you Donna, it's a 90% thing.  I know that if I've eaten one or two meals non- compliant, I am pleased to get back on plan, and eat yummy veg and meat stuff!  

Well, time to throw my dirty clothes back on and todays' treat is to take the old carpet - now nicely cut up into pieces  - to the local Dog and cat shelter so the animals there have something warm for their pens.  We'll try and get back empty handed, although seeing all  those sad eyes of the unwanted creatures tugs at the heart!!!!!!

Heaven's I've rattled on for ages, I bet you've all nodded off by now ;)

Take care all, C x

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Thanks for the mustard recipe Tina.  So happy to hear you went to your yoga class. It can kick your butt , but you feel so good afterward.


Tina I am 71 and I still care very much what other people think of me.  I give myself enough negative talk ( something I am really trying to work on) That I don't want to hear it from others. Lori and Chrissie you said it beautifully. I am not ready for purple yet but my husband is 85 and believe me he is there.

He says what he is thinking even if nobody asked.  He does say it kindly when the situation calls for it which thankfully is the majority of the time.


Lori did I miss a post where you talked about a cruise in December.  How fun. Where are you going?

Chrissie remember the dance show we both watch?  My daughter let me know the other day so I would keep the time frame open that she bought tickets to take me to see their touring show in Feb for my birthday. The pro's and some of the stars travel after the tv show is over. I am really looking forward to it.


  I made the turkey cranberry  meatballs yesterday.  Again I thought they were ok but my husband liked them. I am just happy he enjoyed them.  Next new thing I want to try is the spaghetti squash with an Italian sauce with meatballs. Have any off you tried the squash with a sauce and how did you like it?


I am liking the classes at the new store. Learned how to make a kind of gluten dairy free bread that is similar in type to a corn bread. No corn but it was very good.  Also a berry crumble that was good and some salad dressings. The gluten free is just to stay away from to many grains.

The day after I told you all about feeling anxious and it possibly being grains that was a topic in class about how that happens.

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Hi ladies ~  I so love reading everyone's posts !  For starting off as strangers - I think that we are a pretty good group !!  and I certainly do get more support from our group, and would love to continue our communications !  I really do look forward to everyone's happenings.


Chrissie - I have been to Riverdance twice now and LOVED it both times.  I went once with a friend of mine - and immediately knew that I MUST take my mother the next time they were in town.  It was worth every penny - and I can still feel the music when I think back.


Donna -  I would have never guessed you were 71 !  Awesome for you to be so active and investing in your health. I hope I can be that vital when I am your age.


I don't remember who posted about the cranberry/turkey meatballs.... where did the recipe come from ??


I made the pina colada chicken for lunch today - and it was YUMMY.   I didn't have any arrowroot so it was a bit runny. (thickens - like flour)   I can't seem to find arrowroot any where... once upon a time - I had some (yrs ago) and of course don't have it anymore. I have to look at one of our big stores - maybe it is in the prepackage spice area (it wasn't in the bulk spice section).  There is an organic store up the road that has some bulk spices-= maybe they can order it for me.


have not gone to the store to stock back up on greens - I don't want to waste them.  and the little bags are just as much as the big container.  Although---  a thought - it is now cold out - maybe I could keep it in my garage .... it is much cooler out there. (sort of a root cellar !! )


I should really make some more mayo - but need to go back to Costco and buy some more avocado oil.  Boiled eggs so I could enjoy an egg salad "sandwich"  but have no lettuce to wrap it in..and I feel a little bit like a barbarian eating it out of a bowl w/ a spoon  LOL :rolleyes:


I will have to hit the freezer and pull out the sw potato egg bake - so I can eat some veggies for M1 tomorrow.


Lori - I feel the same way when I would bring Brooke to her dads...  Good for you to look forward to a new day.  It can be a sad and lonely road at times.   I always thought I was Miss Tough Guy - but deep down - not so much.  Drinking and eating helped to make me 'feel' strong. 

Now I really do feel strong - and it is because I am taking care of myself - for once.


Can't wait to read tomorrow's adventures ! :P

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me again...   so I had bought a pair of pants ( a pair ?  really it was pants with 2 legs LOL) 10/5 didn't wear them because they were wayyyyy to long - so needed to be hemmed.   I put them on tonight to find out how much I had to take off... and the son of guns are too big !!!   Happy - for sure - but frustrated - I didn't even get to wear them !!!    Good thing I bought them at a Good Will store and only paid $5.   


Oh and please don't think I am gloating - or anything - I don't want to compare myself with anyone else - I started this quite a bit overweight (ok clinically obese- grr)  and it is kinda awesome for me- all those years trying all the fad diets... (I know you all have had the same AWAKENING)  and all we had to do was fuel our bodies with the right food.   Why are they not teaching this in school ?  instead of offering chocolate milk (our schools have switched it to skim - chocolate milk)


I'm wondering when I will start seeing this new me in the mirror ? 

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Lol Tina I agree about seeing ourselves in the mirror.  I don't think any of us would think you are gloating we are all doing great and it is all relative. I didn't lose any weight on purpose and I still went down a pant size.  It must have been bloat but my pants all look baggy. My sister had 3 pair of fours and she is a 6 now so she is bringing them to me.  I found some really good sales also.  Tops are ok. That didn't change.  Anyway back to the mirror I still see a bigger stomach then I want but I know it has to be smaller.  So I am just accepting it is what it is. When you get older you just get thicker through the mid section.


I made the turkey meatballs . It is in Well Fed 2. I don't know if it is on her web site or not. Where did you find the recipe for the pina colada chicken. Sounds good. I bought a big bag of arrowroot powder I think it was Red Mill brand at whole foods.  Since then I have seen small amounts sold in the spice section.


Chrissie now every time I turn on the music and dance around doing the housework I think of you and chuckle. That was a neat idea to take the old carpet to the animal shelter. It must feel great to have all the new floors.


Lori I am impressed with all the planning and prep you did for your trip.  It sounds like a fun trip to do.


I very much enjoy hearing from everybody.  It is the first site I go on when I go to the computer. I am fine with getting off subject.

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morning !!! ;)


Donna - Pina colada chicken is in Well Fed 2 - as well.  I will look up the other meatballs.. they sound yummy.


Lately I have been getting hungry around 10-1030, so I think I have to rethink my M1 -  time to go back to template.   Seeing how I had really no veggies available,  M1 today was 2 hard boiled eggs (minus yolks - nasty side effect),  1/2 of tomato, cuke, and avocado.


I had my routine blood tests done, and my cholesterol is down.  from 207  to 185,  however my other numbers are not good.  I don't see my doc until Dec, so we will see then what her thoughts are.


but I won't worry about them until then- no reason to lose sleep over it !!


another NSV - I can now wear my redesigned wedding ring on the correct finger !  It only fit on my left finger and now it fits on the right !

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Good morning all


I too love catching up and look forward to new messages whenever they pop on to my phone.  I have to wait til I have a free moment at home though to get a message in.  To me all the things we talk about are relative.  This journey, though it is a food plan also has so many psychological componants and it is easy to forget that also plays an important role in how we deal with food.  I think that is one thing I really likes about "It starts with food."  They really stressed that the cleaning of our food would change the psychological aspect of food.  I also think that it takes our brains some time to see the visual change in the mirror.  I have found this to be true whether I am gaining weight or losing. 


Tina, brag all you want here, It is great that your new "pair," LOL, are now too big.  I too use the resale shops, especially in this time of change.  My road will be long as well.  I started this program with almost 80 pounds that I need to lose.  I can not wait until I move from the morbid obese category to the overweight category.  At that point I will slip below 200, a place that I have not been in a very long time.  Of course I will be thrilled to reach normal weight, but somehow, the other is like a block, and I think when I pass that it will be smooth sailing. 


Donna, in December we are sailing on the ship, the Disney Dream, and sailing to the Bahamas's and the Disney private island Castaway Cay.  We have already booked to swim with the dolphins in Nassau, and we plan to ride that new slide on the ship.  I may be 55 yo, but I still love to play, and let my little kid out with Disney!  We have wanted to go on this new ship since it launched and really looking forward to our trip.


I did indeed find those turkey/cranberry meatballs on the clothes make the girl web site.  They are from a post from last November.  I also picked up a new cookbook from the library today and it looks really great!  It is Against all grain, by Danielle Walker.  I have been enjoying her blog too. 


This morning I had a hankering for toast with peanut butter.  In my old life this was an emergency staple, either for breakfast or when I missed dinner.  So, I toasted a piece of Udi's gluten free bread that I hadn't yet tried from my freezer and put a smear of Sunbutter, that I had bought to make a recipe of sunshine sauce.  Hit the spot.  doesn't have to be something I have regularly but really hit the spot this am. 


OK, gotta run.  Just wanted to get a post in between some appointments.  My days off always go so fast!

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Tina, you must have been posting about the time I was this morning.  I tried the pina coloda chicken today for M2.  I liked it.  Cool on cholesterol moving down!  Some of those other numbers do not move as quickly.  I'll be interested in what your doctor says.  I need to have my done as well.  I need to do the whole works, yearly physical, mammogram, skin check, eye exam.  That will take up an entire day!


I'm making some pumpkin soup for dinner with some crispy pancetta on top.  I feel like I need to add some other protein, but can't think what. 

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Hi everyone!  

A flying visit from me, in my usual rush.   I love our group, everyone has something valid to add, even off topic is fun too.  I've never felt so supported about eating right  (group hug)! 

I was unwell yesterday with gastric pain; I had had a big cook up the day before and was tasting everything so not knowing what the culprit was I'm afraid I've binned the lot. What a waste, but I don't want a repeat performance!    Good for the weight loss though, as all I ate last night was some mash potato and plain yoghurt.  

I laughed at you 'pair of pants' Tina, it's true - why should a singular item be called a pair?

Lori your December holiday sounds amazing!

Donna, how great your friend is now reading the book and going to classes. You must have inspired her.

I'm away now to pick up son-in-Law and grandchildren - grandma's taxi. Then back to the shops for some meat to roast (again)  in standby to collect other grandson from nursery as his daddy is away and may not be back - oh and then I'm back to work for a rest :) :)!  

Take care all, C x

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morning ladies !


M1 today sw potato bake - note to self - next time back to making it with sausage.  this last batch was made w/ ground beef and with reheating - the meat gets too dry

M2 meatballs (bora bora and Czech) and sw potato

M3  was going to be a pork roast - but I have apparently lost it in my freezer.  LOL   it must have traveled to the bottom - which means a weekend dealo of pulling all the stuff out to find it!     So tonight might be an off roading night -  I've been wanting pizza.   So I think I will give in.  (we will see what my bod will think of that !!)


I have to work on Saturday - so tomorrow I must go out and get some fresh veggies/greens,  I have not had any for a few days and I miss my salad.   It is the easiest lunch and it fills me up nicely.   I'm sad that the farmers markets are done -  I really didn't get much for tomatoes and really would like to have a BLT.


so after my little pity party - I decide to go to my best friends house - haven't seen her since week 3 of the 1st 30, (she didn't mention any changes with me then)  Thinking she will FOR SURE notice the weight loss and give me the congratulations that I am so seeking. (dum)

But she didn't say one word -  NADA  nothing, zip  zilch.  Very disappointing.  She does have a ton going on - just got 4 kids (under age of 11) to foster/adopt...  So I can understand she was preoccupied.     BUT    my son-in-law did say "hey you look like you lost weight !!   - just like your daughter !"     So that was nice -   and from an unexpected source.


Today is a new day - and I am feeling good -  and I hope everyone else does too

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Hello everyone, one night down, 3 to go. 

It seems food disaster time; I made some more Czech meatballs, but the only minced pork I could get was reduced fat.... the meatballs were more like cannon-balls... hard and dry.  I must make a note to myself too Tina  :)!

How sad your friend still would not notice your amazing shrinking; do you think that perhaps she is being polite as if to say you are losing weight is to imply you were less than perfect prior to your loss?  (That is something I read somewhere)  Though she sounds to have her hands full.  However, for your son-in-law to comment is pretty amazing.   I hope your pizza lives up to your expectations!

I've got a chicken casserole simmering, that should cover a couple of meals.   Boiled egg ham and salad to take to work.   I had some rice cakes last night, scrummy with butter and no ill-effects.  I know they are nutritionally empty, but they were lovely and crunchy!   Ok to have now-and-then I think.

I hope you all have good days, no too many challenges.

C x

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Hi peeps !  The pizza was de-lish !   we got chicken bbq pizza.   So I got a double whammy... triple whammy rather..  pizza crust (it was a thin) cheese and bbq sauce.   I also had a great big salad to go with it... so I didn't feel too guilty - had 2 pretty large slices.    After eating - I felt slightly bloated.. and woke with a very mild headache.   


So today was all compliant - was going to have a glass of wine tonight - but decided to keep today and tomorrow clean.


Everyone enjoy your weekend 

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good evening !


weekend was good ... worked on Saturday, Sunday was busy doing this and that  and not really accomplishing much.  Went clothes shopping for my daughter - the day ended up getting long,  and she told me at 5 pm that she still had homework... so didn't do the grocery shopping.


I had a few slices of bacon, nitrate, corn syrup free, label claimed sugar free or les than 2% but sugar was listed in the ingredients.   Made some fritters with sw potatoes, rutabaga, and some left over cooked broccoli. They turned out pretty good.   Again found myself low on veggies so I had a fritter for breakfast w/ eggs. 


Tonight grabbed some chicken tenders and stir fry veggies, tossed it all together with some 5 Chinese spice and some coconut aminos.  Even Brooke liked it. 


going to make some breakfast meatballs -but changing the shape and making them into patties this time.  I am going to make some of them, as the original recipe calls for, with bacon and syrup for Brooke.


I found the pork shoulder - it is way smaller than I thought - going to throw it in the crock pot with some chicken stock and see what amount of meat I end up with !    even if it is enough for 1 meal - that would be good.  Thinking of making gravy and having mashed cauliflower with it.


Freezer has ground beef and 2 whole chickens, lots of stock - a package of cube steak.  Need to definitely get going on making some things to throw in there for those "i don't want to cook" nights.     If anyone wants to share some recipes - I'm up for new things.

I guess I really should get my nose in Well Fed 2 and make some out of that.  I guess I could start by making 1 new thing a week.  I hate when I get stuck in a rut !


Ok I guess I've done enough rambling ~

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Checking in, I worked all weekend, including a 24 hour shift Sunday, then Monday morning on very little sleep, I had to go to a mandatory 8 hour inservice on lateral violence.  Ugh!  I was exhausted.  Then at the end of the day yesterday Casey called me in a panic, she did not remember I was picking her up from school a little late, because of the training, plus I had a note from her teacher that she is missing some of her homework.  It was a total equation for disaster!  The good news is that I didn't go off the deep end with food choices, but I certainly could have did better. 


It seems, as I have tried some foods outside of the whole compliant, slowly I have wanted a little more.  I still haven't tried gluten, but Casey has requested my homemade mac and cheese, so maybe this will be my first.  Then I feel like before we get full swing into the holidays I need to do some serious compliant days!  Help, I don't want to go back to where I came from. A week ago I was feeling so positive but I feel like I am teetering at a bad food spot.

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I think we have all been there and felt that way.  For me getting back on track with like a 3 day 30 works.  We can do anything for 3 days.  It reminds us how good the food is on whole 30 and we don't need the other stuff. Maybe start right away instead of reintroducing pasta while you are feeling a little shaky about your choices or cravings.

You have done so well and worked so hard to get where you are.  Maybe try a new dish and change things up a little bit.

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