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donna  you can count me on !  I will be right here with you !   did you ever make the avocado mayo. ?    I have to make another batch today.  It tastes really good for a tuna salad. 


Chrissie - how did your visit go ?   I certainly understand what you are feeling - my friend (the one that was not noticing my weight loss) has lost weight and I am sorta in the same boat with her.  she had surgery to lose the weight - and sometimes I feel bad when I can eat 10 times the amount of food she can eat. So then I scale down my portion when I'm  with her.  I decided - Nope I will eat as I need to eat.  ~  I just have to be the one looking out for me, no one else is going to do it. Sometimes I feel guilty but really - she isn't adjusting her ways  Is that a little harsh or what ? !!


I need to get back to the correct portion sizes.  I am back to get the snackies between lunch and dinner.   Today for sure lunch was meager, 1 burger and a bunch of asparagus.  my avocados were not ripe so I couldn't have one with lunch and I didn't have any other fat.....  M1 is always hard to get in a bunch of veggies, sometimes they just are not palable in the am.  


Sitting at work - and trying to not think about snacking, haven't had this problem since starting the first round...  Brought my card supplies to make my Christmas cards.  Needed to make snowmen and have been procrastinating, tedious work.  Today is slow, so I managed to get all my snowmen completed !   wheeww   so glad - now just have to assemble.


Will check in later on - hope everyone is doing good.



** if you post  ~ you can go back in and EDIT  so then atleast you can get most of your post in -  I've lost so many posts ! **

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Tina with your gb, cabbage, broccoli slaw do you eat it cold or hot I am going to try it.  Sounds easy and tasty. 

My brother -in-law has type 2 diabetes.  I think he is on or may have to go on insulin.  I don't think he would of had to except he didn't choose to change his diet or quit eating sweets. He has a lot of medical issues that could be helped with proper diet. I think you are certainly on the right tract by eating healthy foods.

Lorena I bought a spiralizer and made zucchini noodles.  I put spaghetti sauce on it and my husband thought it was spaghetti noodles. Other then texture you

couldn't tell.   If you find a good slicer let me know please. Are you happy with the Against all Grain book. I have been thinking of buying it.  I am so glad you are feeling so great.  It still amazes me how food makes such a difference in how we feel.


Have a great weekend ladies

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Good evening my friends.  It has been a vey busy day in Ohio.  Casey and I were invited to a gingerbread house making gathering at the country club with one of Casey's school friends family.  They supplied a huge house already made and then had a banquet of every possible candy you could imagine.  We could also have breakfast, including mimosa's.  Well I ate before I went, my standby M1 eggs with a big handful of spinach, scrambled in coconut oil.  I also took my mug of coffee with me.  I did not nibble the candy, nor partake of the breakfast spread.  We just threw ourselves into our decorating, and the two of us had a really cool time.  I had never made a gingerbread house and it was a lot of fun doing it with Casey. 


We then headed home and following Casey's nibbles of candy, she requested salad for lunch.  I made a spa salad from Against all Grain.  It had smoked salmon, pineapple, avocado, and toasted pecans, all on top of some red leaf lettuce.  So delicious.  I also made the dressing that went with the recipe, a champagne vinaigrette.  Donna, I really do like that book, I'm thinking I will buy it for myself. 


We then headed to do some holiday shopping, the mall was not too nuts, and I have to say we were pretty successful.  Of course pooped from all the walking.  We came home and I pulled some bone broth from the freezer, threw in a couple of handfuls of cube butternut squash and some napa cabbage.  Tossed in some spices and some diced chicken and we are calling that meal 3. 


We did plan to do some decorating, but I may just plop in front of a movie and call it a day. 


Yesterday, I made mayo with macadamia nut oil.  I do have to say I liked it better than the last may I made.  Tina, I will have to try the avocado mayo.  I too whipped up some tuna salad yesterday.  I just had a craving. 


I think all of us doing a whole 30 together after the first of the year is a great idea.    I do have a birthday January 10th, but I think this is more important.


I did make noodles of my butternut squash with a hand julienne slicer.   It was a lot of work!  I look forward to having a spiralizer.  I loved these noodles!  I thought the sauce stuck to them better than when I've tried spaghetti squash.  Casey was not a fan though.  She says she would prefer regular noodles. 


Well dinner is ready, it was great hearing from everyone.  Have a great evening

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Lori ~  I never thought to make noodles from butternut squash !  I imagine that was very hard to do !   I will have to give it a whirl


So I made some pork patties stuffed w/ apples and bacon ! from PaleOMG.  they were sooooo good !  it is on her website.  Paleo Apple & Bacon Rosemary Pork Burgers,   I added some onion but stuck to the original recipe.   They are really good - had 2 patties and a salad for dinner tonight. Basically the recipe is pork seasoned with rosemary (I used ground rosemary) and then the stuffing is apple/bacon sauted together.    Even Brooke approved.


I like it when I find new things !!   I will have to take a look at that book I've seen it around.


going to veg for a bit and then head to bed - my hip is giving me problems today and I think stretching out might help ease the kinks out.  or rather I am hoping it helps.    I also have been having leg cramps again, so tomorrow I need to get some more mineral water.  I believe that was helping, and anything that helps is on my List !


it really is nice to come on here - to chat and get support. I really do enjoy reading all of your posts.  Keep up the good work everyone !

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I love it when you ladies post dishes you have just thrown together or post a web site recipe for us to check out.  I am not an imaginative cook and need a recipe usually so it's hard for me to just think of things that will go with each other and throw it together.

The pork patties sound great  I think butternut squash would be tasty zoodeld but it is so hard my thumbs and wrists wouldn't hold up to do it.


Tina I did make the avocado oil mayo. I don't think you were being harsh about your friend.

we all make our choices and  your right we do have to look out for ourselves as they do.


I also have my Birthday in January and considered doing the 30 in Feb but I figured birthday dinner or Broadway show dinner would be easier to stay whole 30 then the Holidays.  I didn't want to put it off until Feb. I am so glad you both want to do it and I am sure Chrissie will also.  She said as much in her last post.

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Good morning all :),

I meant to come and post yesterday, but was wiped out by having a grandson sleepover, that involved lots of stories and singing and not much sleep!  Donna I totally am up for doing  a 30 in January too.  Playing with food has left me feeling achey too.   There are 2 birthdays, mine and my daughter but like you say Lori, this is more important.  

I'll try and work through all the posts - Donna, yes I will sometimes add potato to the casserole, and my meat juices if I have them, or an organic stock cube or two if not.   Thanks for the time difference - I hope you are all in bed now, ha-ha!   Oh, and Donna you asked about 'M&S'   -  it's a department store nearby, with yet another café that has not heard much about grain free eating!    

I've never tried noodles made of veggies - it's a good way to get more in.  I can get a julienne peeler here from the internet.  Do they not go soggy -the veg that is?  Oops, I've just looked at the time and I ought to be somewhere else - I'll post this so I don't loose it, and finish later.


Hey it worked, I'm back and nothing is lost, great!  

I did eat with my friend, just less of it, and tried not to be judgemental.   So she didn't feel guilt and neither did I though if I had been on the W30 I would have just looked out for me.  As you say Tina, no one else will look out for us. Only we are responsible for ourselves. 

Tina, I hope your yoga instructor picks herself up or you'll regret signing up, and that your new work pattern isn't too hard, and Lori, well done!

I too still get amazed by food and it's affects on us.  And it is brilliant that somehow our little group gets it.  :) :)  . I am forever thankful to the W30 for what it is teaching me, but also for bringing you all into my life that we can share the way it is, and feel 'normal' about it because we know we will be understood.

Now my hubby wants to go out, so off I go again, I'll be back to work Wednesday for a rest, ha-ha


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good afternoon peeps !


Today of course is busy here at work - so popping on during lunch.   Had the sausage patties - you must try these - soooo good.  I topped them today with a bit of the mayo -  but good without as well.  They aren't dry at all.   I will be making more of these.  Will have to make some that will be w30 compliant - so no bacon - but I will be fine with that.  (I can't afford the compliant bacon - so I chose to go without !)    I think the next ones I will cut the apple up even smaller. When I was making the recipe for some reason I thought you mixed it all together and then made patties - so the apples were a bit bigger pieces. 


No clue what I'm making tonight - bout some beef at Costco so that is at my finger tips - just have to come up with something - other than burgers.   So feel free to through thoughts my way.


Well lunch is almost over - so back to the grind - I will be checking in.

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What are the odds that out of four of us three would have Birthdays in January.

Chrissie your beef casserole is just like my beef stew except I cook it on top of the stove.  I really enjoy it in the winter. The zucchini noodles did not get soggy. I was really careful not to overcook them. The thing my husband noticed was he thought I had not cooked the spaghetti as soft as usual. The zucchini  could have been cooked a little more for texture but you couldn't tell by taste.


I think my biggest mistake I make now is I don't eat enough fat or two veggies with every meal.  I am slipping back to old habits as far as that goes.  Doing pretty good with sugar , grains and dairy. I will try to do better but am with Chrissie about not stressing about it until we start on the first.

I made chili tonight with beans.  It is just not chili to me without  beans. I haven't had beans in a long time and I only made enough for one night.  I froze the other 1/2 of the meat mixture for another time so I wouldn't over do it.  Maybe fix it for my hubby when I am on the whole 30.


I don't understand how you can post and go back and add to it.  If I post it goes on the blog and that's it.

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Hi all,

Tina, I hope you found something yummy to make with your beef last night.    The bacon apple and pork patties do sound nice.

Donna, after you have posted, if you put your cursor arrow on your post, somewhere on the bottom  comes a box saying 'edit', if you click on that you can go back into your post and add more, it helps if you're having a long chat!  

I'm not adding enough fat or veggies either, and bread  and picking at stuff - and the consequences are really coming back big time.   I'm going to try and tighten up a bit already and I'm really looking forwards to our official 30 - a birthday present to ourselves  ;).

Lori I hope you are managing alright, despite us backsliders!  

I am reading about diet again, there are some 'British paleo' books out there but they're not very inspiring.   Last night on amazon I came across 'real life paleo' which sounded hopeful, it's a bit expensive but I've ordered it.   It would have been cheaper on kindle but I find reference books no good this way, I need to be able to touch and browse; I went wrong that way with the W30 book, I read it through but I don't know how to go back to specific pages.  Thankfully there is so much on the website though.    I have also started reading more about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet online,  that is very informative too.  

There have been a few frosty morning recently, today is grey and wet.  A day for hibernating, but chores are waiting for me, as well as doing the gift wrapping.  I know I go on about my grandchildren a lot, but I must share this one with you - you know my hubby has a movement disorder?  well the babies are totally accepting because they know no different   When  number 1 came on his sleepover on Saturday morning he was singing the Christmas song he had learned at nursery, and he said to me ''if I sing to grandpa, will it make him better''?    it was a truly warm moment, and reminded me healing does not have to be physical - it certainly brought joy into our day.  :)

Now I really must take my vacuum cleaner for a walk......


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Hi  !


Chrissie  w/ your kindle (is it paperwhite or fire)   if you go to the menu - you can get to the table of contents.. I have starts with food, well fed 1 and 2 on my kindles - you have to search a bit - but you should be able to get to the table of contents


How sweet of your baby !!  They say the cutest things!


I have been checking out and she has some pretty good books too -  very appealing looking and simple -  and I love her blogging - tells it exactly like it is !


A friend of mine maybe starting a whole30 for January as well - would you ladies mind if she joins us ?


as for birthdays - mine is the end of the month !   so I also have to work around Christmas and birthday !   Usually my bff and I go out for our birthdays to a wonderful BBQ place  (her birthday is 1 week after mine)  so I may indulge this year - especially with starting another in Jan.   AND I am going to make myself some caramel fudge brownies !    I LOVE brownies  and what a great way to Celebrate myself but to indulge with brownies !    Oh and mom will be making pecan pie


I weighed in today ( even though last week was 30 day mark)  and I'm down a total of 18lbs !   but my fingers are still a little swollen, it could be the heat in the house that is causing it. (cuz my rings fit fine at work - where I swear that the ac is on !)   


Dinner was actually leftovers - orange chicken w/ cauliflower, and then tuna salad in a lettuce roll w/ avocado


M1 today was another gr beef bowl w/ cabbage, M2 is pork patty and sw potato and 1/2 avocado.   I am again hungry now - going to try and ignore it and see what happens (mostly because I didn't bring extra food !!)   if it becomes way too much I can always eat early I guess... but I work until 6pm tonight so then I will be hungry before going home.  Vicious cycle !!


Ok  check in later

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Thought I would take a moment and say hello, I have been working the past three days.  I love our little group, everyday I eagerly read my posts that come through to my phone.  My only frustration is that I can not always reply.  I try to send responses on my personal computer, as the workplace monitors that kind of stuff, but I don't always bring my laptop. 


I have by no means been perfect.  I would say that I have been 90%.  Twice for the last 7 days I had something that was not whole 30 compliant.  Not beating myself up. I've did enough of that in my lifetime.  Trying to turn over a new leaf in that department.  Overall still feeling very good.  Gut is not screaming at me.  I actually talked to one of the doctors here in labor and delivery who I know has been following a paleo lifestyle.  I thought he was super strict, but he was impressed by my approach.  His family is a planned 80/20, and that means 4 times per week they allow themselves something not on the food plan.  My problem is that 4 times becomes six, becomes 10, then I am totally off the program. 


Yesterday a plate of homemade cookies arrived, made by my boss.  I looked at them, but wasn't being drawn in.  Decided they must not be "worth it" in this moment.  Certainly I feel if I am going to succumb to a treat this holiday it should be homemade and look incredible.  I don't want to give myself free reign. 


So what traditions does everyone have surrounding the holidays?  Usually I have one night that I make  latka's, though the rest of the meal is pretty compliant.  Us Jewish types eat a lot of roasted chicken.  I will have a dinner for all of my children and grandchildren who will be in town from Colorado and we will exchange gifts.  That night I will likely cook a ham, and I have been craving corn pudding and scalloped potatoes.  Then I usually make some bean soup with the ham bone.  May need to see if there is something more compliant to use that lovely bone with.  Especially now that I am into the bone broth. 


Tina, I am not opposed to another joining out quest.  Great job being down 18 pounds.  Chrissie, I love what your grandchild said.  Certainly healing is not all physical and medicine.  The power of love is so strong.  I do not know much about the specific carbohydrate diet.  Do elaborate as you learn more.  I know about the "rest factor" of getting back to work.  Hopefully you have a good night.  I don't know how you do nights, they just do not agree with me. 


Ginger, I too seem to have issues with this blog program.  There seem to be gremlins that just steal my words.  And I have not leaned Chrissie's tricks.  Sometimes I can retrieve from the auto save, but then sometimes it just isn't there.


Well back to the work grind.  Will for sure check in again tomorrow, it's my day off :)

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oh my !!  I've fallen off the wagon - not really falling... I just  jumped !!   I totally off roaded !  I went to Moe's Mexican fast food.     Had a burrito bowl,.... rice chicken lettuce guac sour cream cheese ... and had their queso cheese and CHIPS !!    So I will never know what part of this meal will cause me trouble !     and I am ok with that... (We will see what my body says about that in the next couple of hours or even days !!) 


I enjoyed it -  and so for the next few days I will be compliant.


Lori - I agree with the 80/20 I couldn't do it - same as you - 20 would be come 25% then 30 then 50% ... so for me that game plan would not work... There is a cooking show that is called 80/20  and I don't see how I could eat a meal that way either.   


Tomorrow is yoga - crossing my fingers that it is better than the last time.


I'm so glad I found this program and all of you !   I feel so good - even right now after eating the crap I just ate !!  


ok  chat later !

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Hi Ladies


Chrissie what a sweetheart your Grandson is.  Kids are so real and sensitive. Lori is right love can help heal. I am sure that made your husband feel good.

I agree with you on wanting the cookbook to be a real book.  I have both and much prefer to use the book. With me it's probably an age thing.


Tina I think it would be great if your friend joins.  The more the merrier and more ideas. Great job on the 18lbs. Melissa says if you go off your plan even big time forgive yourself and go on with it. Just like you are doing.


Lori I find it interesting how your boss does his 80/20.  I was doing it like every day.  I think it would be easier to manage and keep tract going off 4 times a week. I think it would cause less cravings also.  Do you mean they do an entire meal off plan or just one item of the meal. It's not working great the way I am doing it.


For Christmas Eve I am having my 2 daughters and their husbands and one Granddaughter and my Nephew and his wife over for dinner. The rest of the family has Christmas Eve traditions with the other side of their families.  It is just to many to have everybody.

I think I am going to have stuffed chicken breast with herbs and cranberries. What do you all do about gravy when you fix chicken. I would like to have mashed potatoes as well as sweet potatoes but mashed needs gravy. With Turkey I don't have a problem with gravy because there is so much juice.


Well lol I just hovered all over the bottom of this post and didn't get any options up.  I am surprised because I have seen it before. Just didn't know what to do with it before.

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Donna  you can make gravy out of chicken stock and some arrow root.   Same as if you were using cornstarch or flour.   Just season it really well.


the "edit" option is next to MultiQuote  and Quote   above Back to your Post Whole Log  - next unread topic   

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Good morning all,

Damp and very windy on this part of the planet, a good old Scottish word to describe it is 'dreich'.... it's the weather that chases us indoors onto the sofa under the throw, with a tummy full of stodge!  

There are some interesting thoughts to respond to today; I agree with you all that at this moment it is hard to allow that 20% because I too start slipping 30, 40.... The great thing is nowadays I catch myself before it becomes 100%.   In the book which arrived yesterday (Real life paleo) they advise transitioning in stages - firstly swap, then get rid of stuff,  then heal; they suggest it can take a couple of years for some people, so we're all novices yet  :) :)!

Tina, well done on 18lb!  I hope you don't experience too may ill effects from your meal  and of course your friend can join with us. I hope your yoga class is better this time.

Lori, don't work too hard!  I love hearing other peoples traditions.   My colleagues are multi-cultural bunch, and we share ideas, but when it comes to the feast we stick to what we know.  One girl is Hungarian, and her best festive meal is a whole fish; I'm sorry we all declined her input!   Our Christmas meal is a turkey and a ham, but it is the accompaniments we all love; forcemeat, cranberry and apple sauce and sage & onion stuffing, and of course Turkey gravy.     Donna, I'm not sure how you would get a gravy from chicken breasts; could you roast a chicken before then and save the stock from that?

I've been writing this over the course of the day, I've had a very sore stomach and I guessed and the GP agreed it's biliary colic.   Now to have a low fat low spice diet for a few days.  I'm going to browse the web for ideas other than poached fish and potato :(

Ta-ta for now x

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Thanks Tina for both answers.  Chrissie what is forcemeat.  Are you cooking the dinner? We have turkey and ham many times also but we just had it for Thanksgiving.  I would have passed on the whole fish also. Funny how that can be special to her and we are turned off from it.

Hope you feel better soon.  Let us know what you think of the book after you have read more of it.

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Wow, I have been on the run all day.  This morning and into the afternoon I have been finishing up my holiday shopping.  Ordered two ties for my son in law, then off to the mall for something for my older daughter.  I so wish she would consider joining us in January on the whole 30.  I fear I have passed down my genes to her, and she struggles with being overweight.  Anyway, I found myself out and about at lunch and stopped in for salad at COSI.  I didn't feel it was the worst choice. I want to buy Casey ice skates, but couldn't find any, the skating rink gave me a couple of leads and I will have to head there on my next day off.  Then I picked up Casey and we went and tried on formal night clothes.  We found her a cute gown, her first from the juniors section.  She looks so grown up!  I on the other hand had in mind a sexy little black dress.  But alas, my arms look saggy, my calves chunky, and I ended up getting something much more motherly.  Pretty though.  I seem to look my age, ugh.  It hasn't took me to the pits though, I just have to keep working to get to where I want to be. 


I had planned to cook chicken when we got home, but it was late, we were pooped and we succumbed to pick up Chinese food.  My stomach feels not the best.  So the next few days I need to be back to being tight with whole choices. 


Tina, I believe unlike in the past when we were on "diets" and were either good or bad something like Moe's would have thrown me for a loop.  But it sounds like it was a choice and you enjoyed it.  I think that is what feels different about this plan. 


Chrissie, I too was going to ask you what is forcemeat.  I don't even have a guess.  The whole fish is very gourmet, but I too have never fixed it.  Those eyes looking at me and the thought of running into bones just turns me away. 


Donna, I do not know if the doctor has a whole meal non-compliant or just an item.  He was not that specific.  I have been thinking about it as an item.  Like last week when I said I was 90%, one day I had a soy peppermint mocha at Starbucks.  I counted that as one of 21 meals, then I had goulash with whole wheat pasta.  Those were my two meals off program.  I agree with Tina, you can use chicken stock, or pull out some bone broth.


Well off to spend a little time with Casey, she is done with her homework.  Then she goes back to her other house tonight, and I will be off to work the next two days.  Have a good evening all

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Hi Ladies.... Yoga was great tonight - the instructor was actually the owner - and very patient and informative.  I was sore by the time I walked out of the building.. it is amazing how when you hold your muscles- just so - actually makes them work !    I think Isometric - is the correct word.  Yoga has a lot of that.    She actually gave us fliers so we can continue to practice the moves all week.   I will make it a point to practice. 


I am pretty tired tonight (thank you Yoga) so I am actually looking forward to going to bed early.   That is the one thing that I have not experienced from this program - the better sleeping.   so maybe exercise will be the key. 


my fridge and cuboard are very bare of veggies - I have some frozen broccoli and cauliflower... so I'm not sure what I am making for M1 or M2 tomorrow.   might have to make myself a burger and some frozen veggies.  I may be able to throw a salad together.  Have run into a slight financial issue - and things are pretty tight between paychecks ... and no farmers market so at the mercy of the store and their ridiculous prices !

But this too shall pass.     I've gotten quite the ability to roll with the punches so not stressing about it.


Good evening to you all and best wishes for your tomorrow.



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Good morning all,

Well, this gallbladder thing is tolerable today, with help from pain meds - and I've earned a week off work 'till it settles down (every cloud, etc..)   I'm surprised to find some places on the net suggesting a link to auto-immune issues, sub-clinical thyroid, and/or gluten sensitivity.   Hello?  all those boxes I was ticking before my W30, and who has been steadily backsliding?   Ladies I think my body has just given me an almighty kick in the backside (as well as the right-upper-quadrant) :wacko:.

Donna, I guess your Thanksgiving dinner is more like our Christmas din.   Now to the forcemeat question; it's just a meaty type of stuffing.  For my family tradition it is minced up pork with added suet, lemon zest and juice and loads of parsley salt and pepper, made into large balls and cooked alongside the roast. It's delicious, very rich and we only ever do it for the Christmas dinner. It was originally 'forced' into the turkey cavity so this is probably where the forcemeat name derived.   I decided to 'google' to see if there was any other explanation and lo and behold, meatloaf, meatballs and sausages may all be termed forcemeat, so it is not something strange after all.

I'll be cooking a dinner on Christmas Eve day for my hubbies 2 sons, they're young men but still live with their ma who doesn't cook unless it involves a microwave, so they are both touchingly grateful and I usually loose all the leftovers and my Tupperware!  Boxing day my family all gathers at my son's, he has the biggest house to accommodate us; daughter-in-law will host the dinner, my daughter helps with the cooking and I help with the cost and peeling the sprouts and potatoes.  loads of fun :P.

Lori, I bet you felt so proud seeing your daughter in her dress.  I know the feeling of buying formal wear and the mirror not presenting the image I had in my head!   Never fear, it will come. 

Tina, it sounds as though you had a real work-out this time with your yoga, that will have made you feel good I'm sure.  I hope you got a good sleep and your finances pick up soon!


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chrissie -  keep a close eye on your gallbladder.. my bff had a gall bladder attack that then turned to pancreatitis  (spelling?)  she was in horrible spot.

Take it easy - and I will cross my fingers for you that you will not need surgery,


I am a little tender today - which to me - always feels good, nice reminder that I still have some muscles left !   They might be weak - but they are there !   I slept ok - until my 2 cats insisted on being petted... and kept waking me up.   GGGRRRR


Tonight is shopping night !!  whoot whoot  (its the little things in life   ~)   I am taking care of little man tomorrow overnight - so need to get him some organic milk, chicken nuggets, yogurt   and a good pizza. - and pickles !      Lately he is not eating what food I give him -only wants to snack -  picky little booger. !!  


I have to get some meatballs or patties made again - I have a day of shopping and hair appt on Saturday, so I have to have food to eat and don't have to stop at one of those "dreaded drive through"


M1 was eggs and  coconut panacakes 

M2  nice large salad

M3 - to be determined !

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thanks Tina, your poor friend.  My GP has charged me with being my own nurse and monitoring myself for fever or jaundice or any feelings of getting worse I'm to go straight back.  Touch wood, it's reducing to a niggle.   I'm to have an ultrasound next week to see what the damage is.   Today I've had a slice of GF toast - and good old chicken soup, some boiled potato, and yes, fish, all 'dry' I bought some bananas but don't fancy them, been drinking spearmint tea.  

I get the W30 email 'Wholesome', does anyone else get it?   They are bringing out another book in April; less science and more recipes and 'how to do', its on pre-order on amazon, apparently there will be new stuff in it, so will be useful for people who have done it before as well as newbies. It looks a good resource to have :).

Night all, C x

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Good morning !  


Wow - that yoga class was so good I can still feel it !   


Last night I had pizza -  it tasted very good  (from Walmart - deli area)  but after a while my stomach started rolling -  and a bit of headache this morning


Made the bacon/apple patties last night but used gr turkey instead of pork,  I'm afraid that the turkey will be too dry (but I brought my mayo to slather over it) so M2 today will be patty, cauliflower and a small salad.  M1 was salad w/ 3 fried eggs.  M3 - who knows !


I wasn't able to get gr pork last night - but I have my gr beef - so I am going to try to make some meatballs with that and cross my fingers that it is not too dry. going to make the ones w/ pineapple - oh the Bora Bora balls.  so I think they should be fine.  I find that meatballs transport very well on days for lots of errands !   So I will pack those and some fresh veggies.   


I just remembered, in Well Fed 2  there are a ton of meatball recipes - I will have to check that out and pick a new one to make !


Donna - I hope that you are alright ? !    Probably busy with life !


Lori - as a single mom - I know how it is to send your child off... I hope that your relationship with her other parent is good enough to handle the necessary meetings and what nots.   My ex - is very difficult to deal with and that makes things just horrible - for me and my daughter.

It if very frustrating on my part  and now my daughter has decided she  no longer wants to go to his house.   She is at the age that she can decide - but Her Dad does not even begin to understand the reason why...  and he doesn't even try to understand.


so I hope that you do not have to go through that !

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Hi  All is well here.  Just a busy time of year.

Chrissie I sure hope you feel better soon. That sounds miserable.


Lorie are the dresses for your cruise. If I remember right you said you were going on a cruise in Dec.  Casey isn't old enough for a prom is she?


Tina I made the bacon apple patties and we liked them.  I overcooked them a little.  They look so thick because of the stuffing and I cooked them to much wanting to be sure the pork was cooked  enough. Next time I will watch that. I am so glad you found a yoga class you enjoy.  I love going to mine and feel so much better for it. If Fathers only new how important they are in their daughters lives (well if their not jerks that is) maybe they would behave better.  I have seen it with my Grandchildren.

I plan on fixing some salmon patties from Well Fed tomorrow.  This will be the first time I have fixed them. They sure sound good.


Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Well I made the salmon patties and they were pretty good.  Easy and gives us 2 dinners and me 2 lunches.  Can't beat that.  Well I had a really good day or bad day yesterday depending on how you look at it. I am looking at it as a good day even though I did a couple of things I shouldn't have.


I went to Barnes and Noble and found Against the Grain and Real Life Paleo.  They have a Starbucks in the store so I took the books in there and had a soy vanilla latte. I sat there drinking the latte and looking at the books.  Very enjoyable and of course I loved both the books but they are both very pricey.  I think they are worth it they are both good size books.  I put them back then came home and ordered them on Amazon with no shipping. The 2 of them were $25.00 cheaper on Amazon.  I shouldn't have spent that kind of money right now with Christmas and all and this is the time of year my insurances come due and all that kind of thing.


Then the last couple of days I have been building up a craving for Chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream on it yum. I talked myself into it because I am going to be doing a whole 30 so it would be ok.  My husband and I shared one.  With him you have to eat fast or you won't get any haha. Would like to have lingered with it a little. But it was still very good.

So I gave into myself on a couple of things and am mostly happy about it.  Just a little regret.


Well I have definitely gained a total of 5 pounds in the last 2 to 3 months. Since I stopped going to the gym.  I have got to get back. Not just because of the weight but my health and brain health. I can live with the 5 pounds but I tend to gain most of it in the stomach area  I know the whole 30 will take care of that. My doctor would be happy but I think it's just as important for me to exercise.  My diet has been pretty consistent other then yesterday so I think it is entirely the exercise thing. I don't see that doctor until Feb.


I made a compliant meatloaf tonight. It had grass fed ground beef, green and red bell peppers, chili powder, cumin, garlic, onions,eggs, salt, pepper , almond flower, 2 tbl of hot sauce and it was bland. I couldn't believe it. it sounded like it would have so much flavor. She suggested topping it with guacamole which I did. Oh well live and learn.  It was called southwestern meatloaf if any of you run across it. 


I had left over salmon cakes for lunch with walnuts, sliced tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

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Ginger, I got 2 cans of salmon and I will be doubling the recipe so I can freeze some.  I added more sw potato than the recipe called for (not too much more).  I have baked some acorn squash, and butternut squash so I think I will mix it up a bit and use the butternut squash instead of the sw potatoes.  I will let you know how it works.


I have 2 gr turkey patties (with the apple and bacon) leftover so 1 for M1 and 1 for lunch tomorrow, with a salad. yesterday made it through hair appt  and shopping without hitting the drive through. Had meatballs and cut up raw veggies for lunch and steak and salad for dinner.   Today - I didn't eat well for M2.  M1 was a big salad w/ 3 fried eggs.  M2  was bbq wings and fries (from a local bar)  These are the first since 9/4. I kinda felt bad - but they tasted so good. Goal for this week is to be all compliant until I make and eat the caramel brownies ! 


The Christmas tree cutting did not happen today...  too many issues with the 2 girls - so I called it off.  My new apartment is too small for my artificial tree, so now I am not sure if I want to bother with a tree at this time.... First time ever that I am just not in the spirit - no one will be coming to my place - I will be going to my daughters for Christmas Eve and then to my folks for Christmas Day.  


Tomorrow will be the 1st Monday since Sept that I will not have to work OT - so nice !  but then in Jan starts my new hours and I will be working an extra hour on Mondays and then getting done an hr early on Wed.   So not looking forward to that.


Maybe I should try some of those yoga moves before bed..... I'll let you know how that turns out !


Well - catch ya'll tomorrow.

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