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"Kill all the things" a couple days late


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Hello All!  I'm currently on day 7 of my first Whole30.


Until this morning, I have been feeling pretty amaze-balls.  Other than a headache on day two, I can't think of any complaints.


But, as I got ready for work today, I just couldn't handle getting out a pan and making eggs (for breakfast) and chicken (for lunch) or anything else.  I left the house with my coffee mug and a dream that I'd figure it out.


I have an emergency ration drawer in my cube - currently holding cashews and Larabars.  So breakfast, while not optimal, was doable. 


Then, I started trying to research what I could do for lunch.  There are so many opposing statements out there about the few things I considered (the meats at Qdoba being a big mystery at this point).  Luckily, we have a salad bar in our corporate cafeteria.  So, salad with hard-boiled eggs (b/c who knows what's in the chicken) and olive oil and vinegar were lunch.


I feel lucky that I was able to make it through despite my lack of preparation, but, I've learned my lesson!


Now, I just need to figure out how to deal with the unreasonable(?) anger I'm feeling towards my co-workers :angry:

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