On-the-go compliant snacks?!


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Larabars are supposed to be for authentic emergencies.   On the go snacks are not part of the Whole 30 protocol, template, plan.


Snackety items while approved should be tabled until your 30 days are over.   Three meals a day and no Larabars for dessert.  :rolleyes: 

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Generally speaking, we want you to aim for three meals a day (a meal is: a palm-size or two of protein; a thumb-size or more of fat; and 2-4 cups of veggies). We want you to get to where your meals satisfy you for 4-5 hours.


If you're very active, nursing, or working in such a way that three regular meals are impossible, we ask you to compose mini-meals that include at least a protein and a fat.


In other words, when you're hungry, we really want you to eat.


If you are truly on the go, you can search (use Google not the forum search bar) Whole30 active or on the go or truck driver or something like that.  There are some good threads, one where folks were preparing meals for being in a truck delivering things all day, and having absolutely no time to even get a fork out.


Good luck and let us know if this answers your question. Eat up!

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You're spot on! I'm a nursing mom and my husband is a delivery driver!! Too funny! Thanks!

Hahaha!!! That's awesome! For you, just eat. If you can't take time to eat right when you need to, sip on a can of coconut milk all day.  You will need AT LEAST four meals per day, possibly up to six. (I have no frame of reference since I nursed twins and basically ate the fridge every day - this was pre-Whole30 though). For him, things like hard boiled eggs (plain and scotch), meatballs, cut up veggies, etc. can work. Basically you plan/prep enough food to have on hand (literally) for when you can grab (again literally) some food to eat.

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