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End of day 22 or Whole30- progress and troubleshooting


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Hi all,


I'm at the end of day 22. Have done well on the programme, I think.

Have managed to stick to 3 meals/day, following template recommendations, on most days. There have been a maybe half-a-dozen days where I had a bit of extra fruit in the evening or during the day (e.g. papaya, mango or berries - about 1/2 cup). And perhaps my portions are too large.. but they always fit on the plate and I can keep going until the next meal without ever being starving/ravenous.

Biggest positives for me thus far - no afternoon dips, love that I'm not a slave to food anymore (i.e. eating only 3x per day rocks!), steady mood & energy levels & yes, better sleep :-) Felt slimmer first couple of weeks too.

My troubleshooting now is that I feel quite bloated from yesterday and now today & lost my appetite/ enthusiasm for food over the last few days... a bit over meat (I'm sure I'm not the first to say this).. but on the other-hand, enjoying eggs a bit more.


Is it normal to have bloating at this stage of the game? What are generally the most common culprits?

I feel like I'm eating more salt .. because of seasoning of meat/eggs etc.. so I'm also balancing with lots of water (about 4-5L/day) - I'm 5'9''/ 190+ lbs... and its hot and I'm active with the kids .. so I don't feel that this is too much... plus I'm thirsty!! like a lot more than usual.

I'm also breastfeeding my 8month old girl - who still nurses 4 times a day and at least once a night... but shes been ill so more nursing and less sleeping last 3-4days. also less exercise/ walking than usual


I would be grateful for any advice/ ideas/ encouragement / reassurance that tummy will feel better !



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You probably need four meals per day while breastfeeding. You are eating for two. You need three meals for you and at least a fourth meal for your daughter. Maybe a fifth. Seriously.


Rather than guessing about what might be involved in your experiencing bloating, tell us what you are eating and if we see anything that might cause bloating, we can mention it as something to experiment with. However, you might want to review this video: http://whole9life.com/2014/09/what-causes-bloating/


Some people do get bored with what they are eating during a Whole30. The answer is usually to find some new recipes and try some new things. 

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