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Pre and Post 6:30am workout meals


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As a runner, I never liked to eat before working out.  Now I am doing 6:30am crossfit 3x/wk.  I had just been having coffee beforehand and 3eggs+Broccoli+Winter squash about an hour afterward.  But my trainer is begging me to eat before my workout, and it looks like this forum supports the same idea.  But my trainer suggested yogurt or a banana+peanut butter...


-What is the best choice for a Whole30 preworkout meal? 

-How early before the workout should I eat it to ensure I don't puke on the row machine?? I wake at 5:30am

-Is my current post WO meal okay?

-When should I be eating fruit?  I am currently not eating any fruit, just lots of protein, fats, and veggies.

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I love to eat apple sauce with some protein - You just have to read your labels to make sure you have a quality, whole30 compliant protein powder. I'll also mix it in some organic (whole30 complaint) baby food. It sounds crazy but it is actually delicious! What about sweet potato hash, homemade sausage, and avocado?


You should aim to eat 15-90 minutes before your workout. Your body will tell you how much time you need to digest your food before working out! I personally found I needed quite a bit of time to digest something heavier like the sweet potatoes, sausage. and avocado. It lasts me longer but I have to wait longer as well. If I'm in a hurry I will just do the apple sauce or baby food with protein. 


Your PWO meal sounds great! My PWO meal is usually hard boiled eggs and some pico de gallo (SO flavorful!) and a more carb-dense veggie (I'n a sweet potato junkie). Your meal should include protein and a carb-dense VEGETABLE. You can still add in fruits, just don't have it be your primary source of carbs after your workout. Your PWO meal should be eaten 15-30 mins after your workout ideally. Then I'll have another meal after my PWO meal the equivalent time of my workout - so if my workout was 2 hours long, I'll eat my PWO meal immediately afterwards and then another regular meal 2 hours later. I adjust my carbs according to the intensity of my workout. 


Hope that helps!

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Eat one boiled egg as soon as you wake up to give you maximum time to let the food settle. If you handle one well, you might try two. 


You are not eating a post-workout meal. For post workout food, you need to eat lean protein within 30 minutes of the workout ending to maximize muscle recovery. Whole eggs include a dose of fat that slows digestion. The ideal post workout protein is chicken breast. I eat canned tuna packed in water because it is easy and I keep a stack in my pantry all the time. Eating carbs like winter squash, sweet potatoes, etc is optional. You may need it for energy or you may be okay without it. 


I typically eat a regular meal within an hour of eating my post-workout meal. Pre and post workout meals are bonus food. I find it easy to eat a full meal soon after eating a can of tuna. :)


You do well to keep eating protein, fats, and veggies and neglecting fruit. If you do eat fruit, make sure it is part of a meal. 

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