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I need to lose 150 lbs. (and I'm on my way)


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Yes, that's right. 150. I am 5' 9" and was 298 lbs. I just completed my first Whole30 and lost 26 lbs. and enough inches my clothes fall off me. (Didn't get a good measurement on Day 1)


Sure, the weight loss is the exciting part. But I also threw away my thyroid medicine, I have boundless energy without my (former) 4-6 cups of coffee a day and my egg allergy is GONE!  


I had heard my sister talk about Whole 30, Paleo, grain-free, etc. for two years now, and finally decided to do it.  I was able to stick to the plan through business travel and a two week vacation at my brother's house.  


After a few days in between the end of my original Whole30 and a few "off-road" items (I was on vacation!), my second Whole30 starts today from the comfort of my home.  


124 lbs to go!  I have never been more ready!  I LOVE WHOLE30!





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Blood results were just about PERFECT on the 3 different thyroid hormones (TSH, T4, and T3). There is a range you're supposed to be in for each one and my numbers were all VERY good the doc said. They've been either too low or WAY too high the last few years.
The student doctor said he had to look over the results three times to make sure he read it correct and I was the right person, after nurse told him I wasn't taking my meds.
I told them, in July when I stopped taking my med I was just praying for my thyroid to work normally despite only having half of it after removing the half that had a solid nodule in it back in 2001. I'd been on a range (30-90mgs) of thyroid med since 2008. But also in September I started eating to help my body, following the Whole 30 program and I'd never felt better! They said, "OK great, keep it up, especially if you don't have to take any medication."
Also, my blood pressure has always been good they've said. Today was 128/78 in August it was 134/90, so that is even better.
PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thanks Whole30 #ItStartsWithFood

Day 3 of Round 2 is going good. Seriously you need to do W30 if you haven't started.

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