The pull towards old habits is strong!


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Those packages of peanut butter sandwich crackers are a weakness for me, you know the ones. Between the sugary peanut butter and all of those grains sending my blood sugar through the roof and that I consider them delicious, let's just say that they tend to pull me in.

This morning, perfectly innocently, going to the office breakroom to get my breakfast (a big wedge of left-over fritata with spinach, onions, and peppers), I walked by a whole pile of these packages of peanut butter crackers. I've not had any but I do find that my mind continues to wander back to the image of that pile which, in turn, makes me salivate. I know that I'm not but I FEEL very hungry. I find myself wanting approximately 12 packages of these crackers :o:D .

I'm currently about 2/3 finished with Dr. William Davis' Wheat Belly book which was the first I've really absorbed the idea that wheat has addictive compounds. I'm certainly feeling that right now.

Really just posting b/c it continues to amaze me how much my mind and body wants to resist doing what is most healthy.

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I feel your pain. I used to love those little things as well. I am soooo not good at resisting temptation...but I know that when I have eaten things like this at work I feel HORRIBLE within about 15 minutes, leading to a few crummy days. I'm only just now thinking that beyond the initial "feel bad", I might be hormonally (with insulin, etc.) putting my body off healing for a few days. I tend to think of the short term....but what if what I think of as "little cheats" my body thinks of as a wrench in the system....and responds slowly and appropriately with a negative feedback loop?

That said, I hope you ate clean yesterday!

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