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Cassie's Log - Oct 27 - Nov 26


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When I weighed on Monday morning I was 306.8 (I think).  I started on Monday, October 27.  I was already gluten-free and moving the Paleo route.  The big things I am giving up corn, rice, and legumes.  I also was trying to get off my Zyrtec allergy medicine.  I took my last Zyrtec on Sunday after moving to an every-other day schedule for a week.  I had sinus pain every day that was severe enough to Tylenol last week to cut the pain.  Cut out all sugar and sugar substitutes.  Bye bye Diet Coke!!


Supplements:  Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Multivitamin


Monday, Oct 27 - I don't recall what I ate.  I think I had some eggs & bacon, asparagus and beef, cooked cabbage & onions, and spicy chirzo sausage (Whole 30 compliant found at Whole Foods).

Felt ok but still needed a 20 minute nap (as usual) in the late afternoon.


Tuesday, Oct 28 - Eggs & bacon, Sweet potato and compliant beef hot dog, cooked cabbage & onions, steak fajitas with onions & guacamole

Woke up early morning with a KILLER headache.  Drank water and started working (I work from home) and it subsided.  I didn't take a nap but I was tired in the afternoon.


Wednesday, Oct 29 -  Eggs & bacon, large amount of cooked cabbage & onions, salad, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. 

Not too hungry today.  Took a 30 minute nap in the late afternoon.  Missing my chewing gum so I bought some sunflower seeds that I take about a minute each to open in my mouth.


Flying from Georgia to California tomorrow.  I've got some compliant snacks to take with me but I will eat the bulk of my food before I leave for the airport.


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