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Hi Ladies,


I started on October 30th as well!!  Thought I was crazy to start the day before Halloween, but we rocked it!  (My husband is doing it with me).  I haven't been tempted by all the candy around from my kids, and I'm a huge junk food addict who generally can't keep anything around.  :o)


I felt in total withdrawal on day 1, but thats it.  After that its been smooth sailing.  Already sleeping better for sure.  Just feeling tired of all the prep - its a bit daunting.  I felt like I prepped all day yesterday, but by the time I made breakfast & packed our lunches this morning, I realize I have to do a bunch more!  Veggies sure don't last long anymore and nothing is going to waste which is great!


Most days for breakfast I fry up thinly chopped veggies (Carrots, celery, eggplant, peppers, onions & garlic), add some roasted sweet potatoes and fry up two eggs.  Then I mix it all together with half an avocado and its soooo yummy.


Lunches daily have been salads.  Lots of veggies (Most importantly roasted beets which are my fave) including avocado.   Plus chicken.  Dressing is half Olive oil and half Balsamic vinegar with dijon mustard and garlic powder.    


My BIG excitement yesterday was succeeding in making homemade Olive Oil Mayo!!   (After two failed attempts)   Its soooo creamy and yummy.  Hello chicken, tuna and egg salad! 

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