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fast /easy on the go meals


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hey guys,

I recently just finished ISWF and I'm planning to start the whole30. One thing I'm concerned is that working full time and going to school full time limits my ability to take the time to prepare all of my meals. I know that it is recommended to have easy to go meals planned as a fail safe. Therefore I am seeking any input/help on any quick easy on the go meals that any of you use. thanks

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Hi John,

Welcome! I'm still new to all of this and still trying to get food prep, etc figured out :) But here are a couple things I have found that help...

Prep veggies in bulk (not just enough for that meal, but more like for 2 or 3 meals).

Always have some form of protien defrosting in the fridge so if you run out of something cooked you don't have to dethaw something

Coconut aminos....ummm....hello! Yummy! I just descovered this on Whole30 and have fallen in love! This is great for quick stirfrys of those veggies/protien.

For example, last night I packed my lunch of

Frozen Shrimp

Frozen chopped veggies (grabbed a few bags at the store as I knew this week I would be limited on time to prep a lot food. Be sure to check your labels)

Coconut Aminos

So today I just have to throw all that in the microwave at work and I'm eating 3 minutes later :)

I have also loved doing egg mixtures in muffin tins to have for breakfast (or other meals) when in a pinch. Basically eggs, veggies of choice, spinach, and I include sausage as well. Cook these up and then they will keep for 3-4 days in the fridge.

Do you have a crock pot? I've found this to be a great option for throwing a meal in the crock pot and being able to eat on it for a few days. I did 2 crockpot meals the first week of my Whole30 and that covered a large portion of my meals. I just had to add a side of veggies. If you don't have a crockpot, you can pick one up for pretty cheap ($30-40 probably) at your local Wal-mart. It's money well spent!

That's all I can think of for now but I bet some of the others will comment soon and give more thoughts.

Good luck on your Whole30, you deserve to rock it!!

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I agree with everything the PP said. Here are some more ideas:

  • Hard boiled eggs - can be a snack, protein on a salad, egg salad, extra protein with curries
  • Canned tuna (check labels for additives - I like Wild Planet because it is W30 compliant AND low mercury AND BPA free)
  • Cook a LOT of protein at once, cut into chunks, and freeze in portions. You can pull out portions as you need and they are ready to go - reheat in stir fries, cover with sauce and warm, on a salad, mixed with W30 mayo for a salad.

Good luck. You can do it!

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Thanks guys! thats more than enough to help with my planning :) . I will definitely be getting a crockpot tomorrow. I completely forgot about precooking proteing and freezing them! that should make things abit more manageable. Robin I will definitely be looking for other posts.

again thanks soo much!! :D :D :D

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Check the Clothes Make a Girl site for tips on weekend food prep. A couple of hours on Sunday can make your week a lot easier! You can boil eggs, brown ground beef, bake some chicken, chop veggies, make a frittata or egg cupcakes. Along with baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and fruit, your meals can be easy and tasty.

I invested in some nice containers in various sizes from the Container Store. They are not too tall so they pack really well in a backpack or purse and stack nicely in a insulated lunch bag as well as in the fridge. You can fill them with cut chicken, baby carrots and tomatoes and they will keep for a few days as super easy grab and go options. I think chicken is just fine cold and if you add some nuts for fat it's a meal.

These are the containers. I love them for both myself and my kids. I bought a large variety of them over several months last year. I fill them with veggies, fruit, nuts, trail mix, etc. They don't stack well empty though so I just keep them in a plastic basket in my cabinet. I also have some very small hinged containers that are perfect for Sunshine Sauce, salad dressing, a half ounce of almonds, or some almond butter. The hinged containers are in the travel section but are food safe. :)

Small food keepers...


Hinged food containers...


I also found guacomole in single serving packages at Kroger - Wholly Guacomole.

Good luck!!!

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