Whole30 Newbie on Day 3


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On day 3, and do feel good.  

Good = more energy.  Running around.  Bouncy like.  

I've been doing the 3 meals at the table without distractions, which is a big one for me (usually watch a tv show or do reading) - biggest realization is 1.  I get bored sitting at the table with just the pup to keep me company.  But even bigger than that 2.  I recognize that 80% fullness faster & don't want to finish all my meals.  HOWEVER, typically after lunch, (not after breakfast) I get hungrier - to the point that I want to snack eat more in the evenings either after i've had dinner or something like that.  

So it turns out i'm eating like say 4 meals a day.  And the last one is late!  Below i have e.g. of what I've eaten on days 1&2.  Any suggestions to get me down to the 3 meals a day would be helpful.  

Eating breakfast within an 30min to an hour of waking has been a change.  i know i have to make my body learn.  but i normally eat a lot at night and often times don't wake up hungry - so previously didn't even eat breakfast.  

I also like to wake up and workout, i haven't in the past 3 days, but tomorrow I will, relatively early.  I typically jump up and go.  Sometimes hard boiled eggs make me gag, so that's out for me.  And sometimes protein powders upset my stomach.  Are there some options where I don't have to wake up an hour earlier?  Cause it takes time for me to digest before I work out - or else I get cramps when I run.  I'd like to try something for tomorrow.  


Here's an e.g. of the past 2 days - for ref. i do have an emotional tie with food and watching tv is my trigger to be eating something too.  


day 1:  

breaky:  3 eggs, 1 cup frozen veg, 3 kalamata olives - omelette styles

lunch:  hamburger sirloin patty, 1 cup baby spinach, 1/2 cup red cabbage, 2 cups broccoli & cauliflower florets, 1/2 tbsp butter

dinner:  subway salad with double meat:  oven roasted chicken breast + steak

snacky:  1/2 cup cashews??? too close to bedtime


day 2: 

break:  3 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 3 tbsp salsa, black coffee with coconut milk (3tbsp)

lunch:  3 ounce chicken breast, 1 cup fajita mix, 1 cup spinach, 1/4 avocado, 2 tbsp salsa

dinner:  red curry:  2/3 cup coconut milk, 250 grams raw prawns, 3 tbsp red curry paste, 3 tbsp fish sauce, 1/2 avacado

snack:  1 avocado w/ 3 tbsp sundried tomatoes, later on snack:  2/3 grapefruit


day 3:  2 eggs, 1 cup fajita mix, 3 tbsp salsa, 3 baby dill pickles.  


any suggestions to get down to the 3 meals a day would be appreciated where I don't want to eat later on in the eve...


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You can train on an empty stomach if that is what you need to do. Afterwards, don't eat your normal breakfast. Eat lean protein and maybe a baked sweet potato. You should not consume fat when you eat immediately after a workout because it slows your digestion and thus slows feeding your muscles when they are most ready to eat. 


Stop snacking. If you are not satisfied with 3 meals per day, eat 4 meals, all with protein, fat, and veggies. 


You mention Subway salad with double meat for dinner on day 1. In the US the chicken at Subway is injected with soy and lots of chemicals that make it way off plan for a Whole30. The ingredients may be different in other countries. You need to check. At Subway, you cannot assume that the meat is real, honest meat. 

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Also, sorry, butter in it's normal form isn't allowed either due to dairy content.  Go with either ghee or a different kind of fat.


I think I'd probably add more fat to each meal too if it were me and that could get you further between meals.

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Its organic butter.  I thought that was allowed.  Under butter it says:  organic, grass fed, or clarified.  It was one tbsp at most - i can just as easily not use it, but did buy it specifically to use with whole30. 

and since we're on the subject of oils, I've had some grapeseed oil in my cupboard for ages, is it safe to use, in the butter manifesto i also read the line about "rancid seed oils." 


i'm in canada, i called the subway restaurant, and they have no idea whether our meat is injected or not, but suggested i read their sustainability website, which unfortunately only brought me to the u.s. website not canadian.  

There will be days where i'll have to eat out.... though I read the "Whole30 Resources: Dining Guide" it didn't mention anything about knowing where food was processed aside from the "grass fed burger" line.  Are there some safe chains we can eat from?  

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None of the proteins are compliant at Subway. Here's their Canadian list: http://www.subway.com/Nutrition/Files/canProdIngredients.pdf


I only ate one meal I didn't prepare myself during my 30 days and that was at Chipotle. If you have to eat out it's best to ask a lot of questions and maybe try for places that prepare food onsite as opposed to chains that get stuff pre-made. That way you might be able to customize your order better. Good luck!

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Its organic butter.  I thought that was allowed.  Under butter it says:  organic, grass fed, or clarified.  It was one tbsp at most - i can just as easily not use it, but did buy it specifically to use with whole30. 


Assuming you're looking at the Butter Manifesto, I think you just misread it:


In summary, the only way we can recommend eating butter is if it comes from a humanely raised, grass-fed, organic source, and you take the time to clarify it.  There are no major down sides to butter produced in such a manner, and we can happily recommend you use your clarified butter or ghee as one of your (varied) added fat sources.



And the Rules say the same -- butter only if it's clarified or made into ghee.


I have no experience with grapeseed oil specifically, but many oils will smell or taste "off" if they've gone rancid. You could start by checking for that -- if it smells or tastes funny it's definitely not good any more. 

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thanks for your thoughts & comments. 

i'll just ditch the butter.  i won't be clarifying it or making ghee.  


I'm still going to continue on with day 4, eating as clean as i possibly can.  not sweating the absolute perfect choice.  i'll probably have to buy a chicken breast of questionable upbringing & maybe that's ok.  

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 i'll probably have to buy a chicken breast of questionable upbringing & maybe that's ok.  


I'm sorry to break it to you, but eating the chicken at subway is way worse than choosing a "chicken breast of questionable upbringing" I know, it seems like we are being terrible sticklers, but the whole30 only works if you follow the rules. Eliminating dairy and soy completely for 30 days is a big part of the plan. Even a little bit will mess with your gut health and limit your results. This stuff matters.


If you want to do the whole30, we will be here cheering you on. Take a look at the rules and off you go, but if you don't think it is worth it to bother checking what ingredients have been injected into your chicken you aren't really doing a whole30 at all.

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