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Starting whole30 all the way from Australia!


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Howdy everyone!

It's about 5pm (Melbourne time) and thank the skies above me, istagram was invented. I have pondered over through thousands of photos and have come across this beauty - whole30! I bought the book (well ordered it) and signed up to this. I'm ready to start a challenge to physically and mentally challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.

I'm planning on weighing in tomorrow and developing a 'food blog' as a way of getting through this challenge and battle (battle with myself).

I'm at a healthy weight range but want to prove to myself I can do this and feel good about resisting sugar and having sugar temptations. I have taken a photo of myself before and followed the advice and will keep you all updated - wish me luck (I think I'll need it).

Until tomorrow, have a good day/night.


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Thanks Tess!!

I just returned from USA on a holiday - had a blast.

Today started off with a bang!

B: Omelette (2 eggs + 1 egg white) w 1/2 avocado and cube of frozen spinach - cooked on the fry pan with a black coffee

S: Apple

L: Slice of corn beef with vegetable soup

S: Coffee

D: Slice of corn beef with salad

Gym for an hour! - Ready for day #2.

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Ok so day #2 and I'm finding my pattern slowly creeping in (I eat every 3 hours) it's been a habit for years and tend to snack on fruits and nuts in the morning or just a piece of fruit with a black coffee. It's something I'm finding hard to change? Any ideas/thoughts.

So far the day has been great -

B: Omlette (1 egg/2 egg whites) with a bananna

S: Handful nuts with a mandarin

L: Cauliflower with chicken

D: Caulflower with corn beef

Walk for an hour.

Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hey all,

Third post in and third day in and going strong - although some symptoms did arise from day 1/2 my stomach was producing a lot of gas, which is really rare for me. However today I feel great and on board.

Yesterday for dinner I had grilled chicken with some anti pasto mix for dinner instead.

Today its taking me 3 days to finally stop the snacking.

I've consumed

B: Omlette (1 egg + 1 egg white) tomatoe, basil and a few strawberries with a black coffee with coconut milk

L: Salmon salad with an apple

D: Corn beef with salad.

I have another question - what is the recommended intake of coconut milk ? Best to have it once, or doesn't matter.

Thank you.

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Day 4 and going strong.

Yesterday I went for a run and was craving sweets so I bought 4 dates and felt pretty good about it.

I'm tempted to weigh in and I did. I can't believe it, although I won't re-start the program I won't weigh in again. I can reassure myself of that. I have lost 1.8kilos since Monday (4 days) - could be contributed to the diet and the fact I have found beyond a fuel tank of energy in my system and find myself wanting to go for a run every night.

Today hasn't been amazing but I will slowly cut down during the day.

B: Omlette (2eggs, tomatoe and basil) with black coffee and coconut milk x 2

S: Mandarin and a coffee again

L: Salmon Salad

D: Seafood and salad

I think the coconut milk could be my downfall. I'm loving it and feel like it's the best subsistute for my coffee/sweetness.

I will attempt to stick to 2 a day and 1-2 servings of fruit only and WILL ONLY WEIGH in after the program.

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Err.. 2 nights ago I went for a massive run and found my self extremely hungry. I ended up eating well up until 3pm yesterday where I just over did it (over did the nuts, dried fruit, purchased organic peanut butter and eat it with 2 bananas. I just couldn't help myself)

I have decided to re-start this whole30 and do it right.

I weighed in the last time at 68.6kg (150.9 pounds)

I feel that I just was getting my head around it all and started to reduce things I shouldn't be doing (e.g snacking/drinking alot of coffee)

I am capable of doing this and just need to get the ground going. I'm proud of myself though I didn't binge of junk nor want to have sugar, I just consumed far too much healthy nuts/fruits.

My day today - Day 1 on the 24th of August.

B: 1 egg + 1 egg white + 1 banana + 1 tablespoon of organic peanut butter w 2 black coffees (filled with 1/2 light coconut milk)

L: Salmon salad (tomatoe + cucumber + salmon slices and grilled capscium)

D: Grilled chicken and vegetables.

I have eaten my fruit for the day and had my nuts (peanut butter) I'm hoping I'm off to a good start for the next 30 days.

Wish me luck.

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This is embarrasing. I failed, failed epically on the weekend and I knew it and continued to eat my life away. I don't know why. I didn't stop and now I'm back to square one.

I realised I have an issue with food and it needs to be something I start to address. I am way too obessed and fixated it with it all and instead I don't go on the journey and focus on the little things and one bad mistake it just turns into a disaster.

I'm going to blog all my thoughts and I'm hoping this time it's 3rd time lucky.

I was going to start september 1st but why. I'm start as of tomorrow 27.8 I have attempted it twice and both times I have failed. I can't fail again I need to prove I can do this.

I'll be researching everything today and heading to the supermarket later on to organise my week (yes I am going to prepare a week in advance, therefore I can't slip up and blame it on anything else apart from me)

I'm hoping my week will look like this.

B: Omlette (1egg + 2 egg whites) tomatoe + basil w coffee and coconut milk.

L: Tuna salad or a salad with a protein in it with a few vegetable ingredients and balsamic vinegar

S: If I can help it - if not a fruit.

D: Whats cooking at home (protein and vegetable)

I then will aim for 3-4 runs a week for approximately 40mins.

I am hoping by the end of September (so roughly 35 day challenge) I will be a new person. I will do this challenge. I will see results, I will glow. I will kick my habit of having a negative outlook on myself. I will be confident in my body. I will be doing this for me and only me.

Will continue to track my food.

Sorry for my rant.

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Ok, so it is on.

I weighed in at 70.5kg - the heaviest I have ever been.

I am prepared to do this. Mentally/physically and emotionally.

I have had a frittata for breakfast will have a chicken salad for lunch and some protein and vegetables for dinner.

I will be limit my fruit intake to 1 a day and no dried fruit or nuts.

Will keep you all updated. Speak to you all shortly. Have a great week!

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Thank you all for your support. I'm off to a day 1 success and half way through day 2 and it's been great.

Yesterday I consumed.

B: Fritatta (sweet potatoe, sundried tomatoes and onion) with a black coffee (added coconut milk)

L: Chicken salad with an orange

D: Steak with sweet potatoe and a handful of nuts.

No snacking and sticking to the rules - feels good.

Day 2 so far:

B: Left overs of the fritatta as per above with a 1/4 sweet potatoe chopped up + coffee with coconut milk

L: Chicken salad with 4 dates

D: Some sort of protein and vegetables.

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Day 2 was a success - dinner was tuna salad and a handful of nuts.

Day 3 -

B: Omlette (2 egg whites + 1 egg) with basil, onion and sweet potatoe + a coffee (coconut milk) + handful of strawberries

L: Salmon Salad (avocado, salad leaves, capsicum, cucumber)

D: unsure.

Let's do this.

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B: Omlette (2 egg whites + 1 egg) with basil, onion and sweet potatoe + a coffee (coconut milk) + handful of strawberries

L: Salmon Salad (avocado, salad leaves, capsicum, cucumber) + an apple and 6 dates.

D: will be a salad

Looking forward to day 4#

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So dinner was calamari salad, a bit of chicken and cauliflower when I came home. Although I little bit more I stayed in the guidelines.

I have woken up today and feel like my head has hit a break wall, but that's expected.

B: Omlette with 1 egg and 1 egg white, sweet potatoe, basil + 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk

L: Salmon Salad

D: unsure.

Will be having one piece of fruit a day and limit my nut intake - works well for me.

Speak soon!

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Dinner was a bit - but still in the contents of whole30 - seafood mix with cauliflower, some nuts and a 2 pieces of fruit.

I consumed a lot - and felt so bloated but it wasn't out of the rules.

Today has been.

B: Banana w 2 eggs scrambled + handful of walnuts * coffee with coconut milk

L: Tuna salad

D: Salmon and vegetables

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Well done taking responsibility and realising what you need to do to succeed! I'm glad you didn't just give it up altogether like I know I have before when something hasn't worked.

Just wondering (sorry if you've mentioned this in your earlier posts, I sorta skimmed those and concentrated on the more recent ones), have you read It Starts With Food?

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Hi Hayley,

I have been in hiding (well not really - I completly lost control of my eating over the past few weeks and decided to wait till October to come by for me to begin)

I have 12 weeks till the END of the year :/ freaking out.

I have read it - it's amazing. How are u going with it. I'll start a new thread and begin.

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Hi Emily,

Just an amateur observation here, but your meals look like you're dieting in the traditional sense - egg whites instead of the whole egg, fruit for a snack instead of a "mini meal" with protein, fat, & vegetables. Maybe you're struggling because you're not eating enough, especially if you're running or exercising every day.

Good luck going forward.



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