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Melbourne Cup!


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So fellow Australians, who is having to engage in work/social Melbourne Cup functions on Tuesday and braving them whilst staying inline with their Whole30 guidelines?

When I decided to do my second round of Whole30 I did realise that this challenge was to be expected as work uses the Melbourne Cup function as our end of year Christmas get together - and I still decided to do the Whole30 anyway!

I have already had shocked gasps of disbelief when I mentioned I could be a taxi out to the local race course as I wasn't going to be drinking and I have already pre-planned to eat a salad prior to heading out to the track and as I am responsible for the catering I will ensure there is so compliant meats for me to nibble on with my soda water :)

If I can make it through this function without a glass of Moscato and a couple of meat pies/quiches I know that I am stronger than any silly emotional attachment to food!

So fellow Australian Whole30's - how are you going to handle the race that stops the nation??

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