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I wish I would have started this on Day 1, but I guess I will just get caught up now. I am currently leading a group of friends, family, and coworkers along their first (or second) Whole30. I'm joining in on the fun as well! I have been doing Whole30 on and off for the past year and I couldn't be happier with the program. I absolutely love it - just ask anyone who knows me (I kind of like to talk about it a lot!) Any way - here is a post I made on our group's Facebook page yesterday about sticking to the Whole30 on Halloween. Hopefully it will inspire a few of you guys as well. (Our group is currently on Day 5 today - and I am SO proud of them! They are so supportive of each other, sharing recipes, tips/tricks, struggles/triumphs, etc. Can't wait for them to get to the tiger blood stage!)




Happy Day 4… I hope it’s getting {a little} better today!


I wanted to talk about tomorrow – HALLOWEEN. A temptation for many of you, including myself! Now, we already know you’re going to be faced with a choice tomorrow… Should I eat this candy or not (and probably more than once). You’re thinking “A little bit won’t hurt!” or “I’ve done so good so far… I can give myself just one treat” or “I just won’t tell anyone. They’ll never know!” Does that sound like you?! Well, yes, you have indeed done GREAT so far! But you’re not a dog – so don’t reward yourself with food. And, yes, nobody would know if you cheated and secretly shoved a snickers in your mouth while hiding in your closet – but won’t you feel dirty and cheap for “cheating”? I certainly won’t care if you cheat… it’s your choice… but why would you want to do that to yourself!? And lastly, YES, a little bit WILL  matter. Your gut is starting to HEAL itself. Do you really want to start that process all over again? You’ve already come SO far – you’re almost over the icky part. If you choose to do so it’s a conscious decision you’re making so don’t call it a “slip up”. It’s not like you accidentally tripped over that candy bar and fell mouth first in to it! And it’s not like you can’t ever have a treat again – just not for these next 26 days. JUST GIVE ME 26 MORE! YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t give up! And besides, aren’t you SO proud of yourself for making it this far already!? I SURE AM! I’m going to keep saying this – trust in the process! What you’re going through is normal, and this, too, shall pass!


So with that said… LET’S HAVE A PLAN! When you brain has a plan you’re much more relaxed. Think about the challenges you’ll be faced with tomorrow and this weekend…. Candy at home, candy in the break room, taking your kids/grandkids trick-or-treating (ohhh look that house just shoved a handful of chocolate-y goodness into your child’s bag)…. But wait – what’s that?! WILL POWER!!!! And YOU have it! Will power is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets! Choose NOW to say NO (Errr… No THANK YOU - don’t forget your manners!) Hold yourself accountable, right here, right now.

SO – What is YOUR plan going to be? Here are some suggestions: Buy candy you don’t even like to hand out (no temptation!), go for a walk/run, play outside with your kids, play a game, drink some tea, go shopping, clean, start a project you’ve been putting off, watch a movie, etc.


And if none of this motivates you – hopefully this will…. Did you know this is the first generation of children to have a SHORTER life span than their parents?? UNLESS we all make a choice to change now and set an example for younger generations, this scary statistic will continue! Think of the great example you’re setting for your kids/grandkids/family right now! The best gift you could ever give your family is the gift of health – everything else doesn’t matter if you aren’t healthy!


Happy Hallo-(apple w/ almond butter)-ween

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