Lots of questions (a couple just for Aussies)


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I am having some trouble finding some things so thought I would start this thread to see if any Australians who have done / are doing the Whole30 have any good shopping tips.

My first thing I am after is sugar free bacon, I have found nitrite free bacon but not sugar free. I live in Brisbane so if anyone in the area can point me in the right direction that would be great. Went shopping at the local organic markets this morning and the meat sellers there said they hadn't heard of it.

The other thing I'm after is a good curry paste. The ones I have come across so far have additives in them or sunflower oil. I know the latter isn't too bad but I'd like to get something better. If you know of any good brands let me know.

I'm on day two and things are going well. Todays food was:

Mushrooms cooked in butter and rosemary and pepper accompanied by some avocado, got that at the Farmers Market and then went home and had a sausage to make sure I got the protein. If anyone can tell me whether that is a must do or whether I could have skipped the sausage it would be appreciated.

Lunch was a chicken and avocado salad and dinner was a beef curry with lots of veges.

Hope everyone is doing well, haven't had any nasty side effects yet. We'll see what the week ahead brings.



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As an idea for a bacon sub,why not get some sliced pork belly.It can be seasoned with salt and pepper and fried in the pan.It takes a bit longer to cook but at least you know it's just pork on it's own.If you have a good butcher he/she can cut it to your specifications.

Good luck!

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Hi Michelle, another Aussie here. I haven't been able to find bacon and have just decided to go without for the 30 days. As for curry paste, I tend to use recipes and make my own paste, mainly because my favorite ones have a little bit of sugar in them.

Good luck with the Whole 30. I am on day 17 and I am really loving it. I feel good and love the side effect of weight loss.

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Thanks everyone. I had pork belly suggested to me today at work so I think I'll give that a go otherwise I'll just forgo it for the 30 days.

angifi, I think i'll try making my own curry paste too. Glad your 30 days is going so well.

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