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Positives & Negatives


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I'm on day 26. I've lost 12 pounds, but I'm also home bored on Halloween night which is a travesty at any age (32 for me)

So I guess I'll share some of my positive & negative parts of the experience.

Positive: weight loss. I am not following the 'no scale' rule. I lost 8lbs in the first week and just 4lbs in the past 19 days. That's fine though, I'm back in my smaller jeans, that's a confidence builder. Very nice.

The morning is mine! I wake up every morning NOT hungover, even on weekends. I get tons of errands done before my GF even wakes up.

I've saved $ on bar tabs. About $100 per week. And bought new glasses with the savings. Woo hoo!

Hanging out at the bar sober isn't quite as tough as I thought. But I do get grumpy and lose interest sometimes.


The initial shock had huge effects. Cramps everywhere, headaches (still get headaches often), erratic emotions that almost got me fired from work. I have a stressful job & I've had some of my worst blow-ups at work during this diet. On the flip side, I've also had some really tranquil good feeling days.

Friday's SUCK. Prior to whole30 I was in a bar 4 or 5 days a week. That hasn't changed, I need to see my friends & they're at the bar therefore I am at the bar. Drinking a seltzer instead of beer has been easier than I predicted. But Friday nights I just can't pretend I'm having fun. And it causes fights with my GF. I consider it a great accomplishment to not drink for 30 days but DAMN am I looking forward to b

Wing able to have a few beers on a Fri night.

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