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61 Days Later - Finally Riding the Unicorn

Kate C  Mayone

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Hi All, 


Excited to announce I finished my 61st day today.  I plan to start a slow reintroduction later this weekend.  I'm interested in testing out dairy...greek yogurt vs. heavy cream vs. ice cream.  I will eventually include natural sweeteners and chocolates back into my diet but I'll try to hold off as much as possible now.  Trying to see if other foods trigger the sugar dragon first.  My long term goal is to stick to a whole30-ish at home plan and just ease up when I'm out.  Last time I experienced some strange throat dryness and swelling when reintroducing foods so I'll be paying closer attention now.  


Some things I'm surprised to have learned..

  • It's easier than I thought to give yourself more sleep every night - just do it
  • I don't miss cheese
  • I can go two months without drinking alcohol
  • Coffee was my friend (albeit crutch) this time around 
  • I've kicked most of my mindless eating habits except for when I'm food prepping 
  • I'm a lot nicer and more patient when I'm not 'on sugar' - my coworkers will attest 
  • The 'fish and broccoli' test is a great way to decipher hunger v. cravings...use it
  • I didn't really lose much weight (maybe 8 lbs) after two months of strict eating - and that is totally okay - I feel and look great!  
  • Keeping a journal not only kept me accountable but helped me be more mindful of when/how often I eat/poo
  • My bowels still aren't sorted out entirely but they aren't as bad as they were before either
  • My sugar dragon is still sleeping in a cave somewhere but I really hope my magical cat and unicorn duo can keep him at bay  :D



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Day 51 and I can agree with Kate wholeheartedly although in my case I lost a load of weight (and I wasn't big in the first place) 

Rachel, keep going - there would be something wrong about going back to the same old crap no? :)

Now on day 38, never going back to the old ways! I thought I ate fine before. This is a whole new world, I Love it. Love the support in this community.

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