Roll call: November Whole30s!

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I moved over to the December Whole 30 but am actually not doing it.  I will join the site-wide January Whole 30 and am actually also going to start the Gold's Gym challenge that starts in January.  December I am going to cut myself and my kids some slack as too much is going on.  We still are 90% Paleo.  See you all in January.  I will check in at the reintro site.

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Hello All!


Tomorrow will complete my first week on Whole 30! Although I was going to cheat and weigh myself, I am now going to refrain from doing so due to 'that time of the month.' This is where my question lies. To all women: How did you feel during this time? I actually feel bloated; something I haven't felt all week. I have barely eaten all day, but feel as though I ate a whole jug of salt! I'd love to hear everyone else's experience.

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