First Whole 30--Tomorrow is Half Way Point


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HI all,


Well, its a bit hard to believe but tomorrow is my Day 15. The days are starting to blend together and I'm no longer obsessing about what day I am on. I navigated Halloween (YAY) and have had a few nights around others drinking where I have been fine (survived and even had fun). Not drinking is my most difficult challenge but even that is getting easier.


I know I have been snacking a bit too much but as I strive for progress and not perfection, I am facing this second half of the whole 30 more intent to stay focused on my true hunger and eat accordingly. Nights are still hard for snacking but now that I have some more days under my belt, I want to tighten up on that too.


Am I seeing results? I think so. 


I feel so much happier now that I am not on the scale every day. I was letting it dictate my mood and that's kinda sad. 


Clothes may be a tad looser...nothing dramatic but as I said above, I have been snacking some and my meals have been pretty large. Hopefully the focus on hunger over the next two weeks will kick start things.


I'm definitely sleeping better. And better energy, too. I'll take that.


I'm feeling stronger. Even my Bar Method teachers have noticed how strong I am lately. That feels AWESOME! 


I'm enjoying getting control over my drinking. I was slipping into very bad habits of drinking at night while cooking dinner (hey it definitely helps unwind after long day and facing meal prep, etc. with two young kids) but now I am also enjoying a cup of tea and also noticing how much wine impacted my energy at night and sleep too. I definitely plan to reintro but at a more moderate level. 


I think as far as life after Whole 30, I could defintiely eat this way the majority of the time. With an occasional glass of wine and maybe even a piece of dark chocolate....


Here's to half way through my experiment...



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