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PWO Newbie - help :(


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I am having a hard time figuring this out. Here is a typical workout week. 2-3 days running (2-4 miles) and 2-3 days gym, cardio and lifting. I usually am exercising about an hour. When I run, I am back home right as I finish. When I go to the gym, I like a massage after, so I'm not home til about an hour after the strenuous activity ends. I have always excercised on an empty stomach, just hydrated. I run my 5K's that way too. PWO has always been eggs of some kind within an hour.

My questions:
1. Can I continue working out before eating? If not, what are the best options to try?

2. Can I still do my massage after my gym workout, and eat PWO when I get home 45-60 minutes later? If not, what are some options?

3. Finally, I need some good Post-WO meal combos to try, what are your favorites? (No tuna. Please)


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You can do anything you like, but you will need to make some changes if you want to maximize your performance and recovery. 


1. We encourage you to try eating a few bites before working out if your stomach will tolerate it. If you can tolerate it, you may find yourself having a bit more energy as you exercise. Not energy from the food, but from your body getting a signal from the food that leads to more energy during your workout. Pre-workout meals should be protein and fat. A boiled egg is an ideal pre-workout meal.


2. Your muscles are especially open to protein for about 30 minutes after a workout. Eating after that window has closed means your muscle recovery will be slower. I thought this was nonsense until I tried it for a while. I found that I suffered less soreness and quicker recovery when I ate at the gym immediately after working out. I take food to the gym with me. The ideal post-workout protein is chicken breast without any fat added. Eating a starchy veggie can be useful to increase energy stores, but I don't bother. I eat my starchy veggies with regular meals. 


3. The forum already has lots of answers to what to eat. Search and you will find. 

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