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Hi all! I'm a business owner, marathoner, fitness freak, major foodie, world traveler, dog lover, & continually amazed by this crazy thing we call life. Today, November 3rd, is my day 1 of the Whole30. Who's with me???


Well, as embarrasing as it is to admit, I've been here before. Making notes stating that this is "Day 1 of Whole30". And then quit by day 3, 4 or maybe 5. Because it's someone's birthday so I must have a glass of wine. Or there's a baby shower so of course I have to have the cute pink cupcake. Old friends are in town and we're getting take-out. The cycle continues. I eat clean about 80% of the time and then let the weekend completely ruin me. It's a nasty, nasty cycle. The good news? I CAN CHANGE IT. I can break the cycle. I'm in total control. That's right. If I choose to succeed or fail - it's on me. 

I feel like today is different. Today is new and I have a new attitude. Not only do I have a new attitude but I've prepared myself and have laid the groundwork for success. Yesterday, I planned each and every meal for the next week. I went grocery shopping and got every single item that I need to make each and every meal. There is no tempting junk food in this house. I did my food prep so meals are quick and easy. I cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry. I am prepared. I am following my meal plan. I am going to succeed. In addition to preparing, I also posted the "I am doing the Whole30" icon on my Instagram, promising my followers updates and quick recipes. Now I'm accountable to others as much as I am myself. 
Completing the Whole30 would be an enormous victory for me personally. Yes, I could tell others I did it. But mainly, I want to do it for ME. Because I've never be able to before. Because my relationship with food is probably the toughest relationship in my entire life - and I feel as if it's a really important one. For the most part, I am a very motivated and determined person. I feel like I have every other area in my life under control and happy with the way it is.  I don't blink an eye at having to work hard for something. I don't think twice about training for multiple marathons (through the winters, might I add!) or even sigh at the idea of working 50+ a week and completing my Masters degree. Quitting a high paying job to start my own business was pretty challenging at times but I did it. Preparing to speak in front of 500+ people? Not a huge deal. So why in the hell has sticking to a "diet" always been so damn defeating for me? I don't get it. So I'm going to change it. Starting today. Right now. I am going to change my life, the way I eat, and my relationship with food in the next 30 days. 100% awesomeness coming soon, very soon....


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