Day 28 and Nervous about Reintros


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Hi all!


I'm on Day 28 and feel pretty good. I have lots of energy, my pre-baby clothes *almost* fit and I'm sleeping well. I miss a few treats of course, but mostly I miss having wine - espcially while eating all this delicious, humane (and expenisve) red meat, I really want a glass (or two) of good red wine!


So three days after I reach Day 30, I am going on vacation to Club Med with my husband and 10-month old and it will be our first vacation in 2 years.


It's all-inclusive (food and drink AND daycare!!!) and I timed the Whole 30 in between a good friend's wedding and this, but didn't realize how scared I would now be to lose all the things I've gained. I'm going to be honest, I know I definitely want to drink, and I will probably want to have some pasta and deserts but no go crazy there. I know I won't be able to do a proper reintroduction.


Wondering if any of you have some advice here. Should I just enjoy myself and do like a Whole 7 or 14 or (gulp) 30 when I come back? Or schedule my unclean food in some way?


Any tips appreciated. Also this will probably be the last vacation for at least another year because we totally broke the bank on this one!



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This is a tough one and it is a choice only you can make. You have some options. If it were me I'd try to stay as close to Whole30 as I could on the vacation, eat Whole30 until I felt like I did at the end when I got back, and then do my reintroductions. If there is one thing you are concerned you will have a really bad reaction to perhaps introduce that on day 31 and see how you feel so if you do have a bad reaction you can try to avoid it on your vacation. It would suck to ruin your vacation with feeling sick from introduction overload.


You might also want to look up the Whole9 Guide to Nutritional Offroading (I'd link it but everytime I do the link doesn't work...Google will find it) and browse through the posts on the Whole9 site about vacationing.

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I agree with Bethany.  I'd enjoy myself and eat what's worth it to me, but avoid the stuff that's not worth it or that I know gives me problems.  On Spring Break this year, I had a few mojitos and a few flour tortillas with fish tacos, but no sweets and avoided bread baskets, sandwiches, etc.  A mojito and a fish taco at a beachside restaurant was worth it.  Most other stuff wasn't.  It worked well and I felt great when I got home instead of the usual post vacation food hangover.


Then, when you get back, do W30 until you feel awesome again (even if that takes another 30 days...) and then do reintros. 


Good luck and enjoy your vacation!

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