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3rd Time


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I started another Whole 30 yesterday. I finished one in August and did one the year before. The first one changed my life. The second one there was no magic. I think it is because I overdid potatoes and fruit. It was berry season and I love berries. I am trying not to be but bottom line is I am motivated by weight loss. I am 25 lbs heavier than last year at this time and it is not healthy. I am also motivated by mental well being. I eat with stress and then get stressed because of what I eat. I have tremendous brain fog. My biggest challenge will be thanksgiving I think. I always bring the pies.

Yesterday I ate

2 eggs scrambled with coconut milk and a zucchini

Bowl of chili, honey crisp apple, avocado

Orange as I wrapped up my work day(bad idea, set of huge cravings)

Chicken curry with lots of broccoli, spinach, carrots.

I woke up at 1 am starving but managed to fall asleep again. I am bringing more veggies to work with me today to make sure I eat more.

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Your meal 1 needs to be bigger.


When eating eggs as your main protein you need to eat the amount that you can hold in 1 hand.  For most people that is 3 - 4.


You were also missing a fat in your meal 3.


Other than that your means look pretty good.  But try to make sure that your meals are full template meals, and you are not eating smaller portions.

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Day 2

1.2 eggs scrambled with coconut milk and. Red pepper. (I try to eat more but I just can't. I always feel full in the mornings though until lunch.

2. Chicken curry ( does the coconut milk count as fat? I may need to reread some info but I thought it did. I put an entire can of full fat in 6 servings)apple.

3. Broccoli roasted in coconut oil, roasted sweet potatoes (more coconut oil), ground beef with onions, peppers, zucchini.

I felt good except I bottomed out about 4:30. I do a light workout with students at the end of the school day. Maybe I need a small snack until I get readjusted or I need more lunch (or more fat if coconut milk does not cut it). I did avoid the gobs of Halloween candy tempting me though so I was good.

I am almost out of veggies already. I only have Brussels sprouts or lettuce and a tiny bit of broccoli for breakfast unless I eat tomato soup (most likely I think) I hope I can find good veggies at our little local store. We did just get 1/2 a local raised pig and 1/4 a cow tonight( and we made the butcher's day I think by asking for soup bones). I'm so excited I have bone broth and a roast in the crock pot tonight.

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Thanksgiving is tricky!  I was hoping for a paleo one, but with the relatives coming, I think it's going to look more traditional than anything else.  I am going to make some paleo pumpkin pies just for me using coconut milk instead of milk.  They come out pretty good and tasty, but I will miss the rich buttery crusts of yore!  Those almond paleo crusts are just not the same.  Maybe I'll just make my personal pies as custards.  Ugh - thanksgiving!


I'm a repeat Whole30er as well and I gained a chunk of weight this past summer - 20 pounds maybe - maybe 30. Ugh!  It's starting to retreat thankfully and I certainly feel gobs better now that the addictiveness of the regular foods is out of me.  Hopefully this week goes smoothly for you.  Seven days from now you will be feeling loads better!

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Yes coconut milk does count as fat.


I would try cooking 2- 3 eggs for breakfast.  Eat what you can, then pack away the rest as a mini meal.  I still have days that I need to do this.  You could say those are days where my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

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Day 3

1.two fried eggs and roasted Brussel sprouts with coconut oil

2. Chicken curry leftovers

3. Pork roast roasted with cranberries, cranberry juice, and a jalapeño. Left over Brussel sprouts. Sugar snap peas.

No snacks were needed

Day 4

1. Small piece of beef roast and a banana (really bad I lost track of time)

Mid morning: can sardines, apple, pistachios

2. Left over curry (not much I was full from snacking)

3. Pork roast, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus

I feel so crabby today. Headache all day. Definitely want to quit. Everyone is eating candy around me. I keep waking up at 3 am for some reason. Breakfast really did me in. I also could not buy sweet potatoes or squash at our grocery store. Everything was moldy and I just felt I really felt like I needed something more startchy so went with potatoes. Do not plan to eat anymore. They are a food with no limits for me and they ruin my taste for better foods. I'm not going to quit.

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Day 5 was horrible. I'm starting over. I had no eggs for breakfast and it was what I really wanted, I ate roast and zucchini instead. I packed more roast for lunch and hre in some left over cauliflower and broccoli. When I went to eat it I noticed the broccoli was spoiled. I ended up eating an apple and some pistachios and I was actually just fine. But I had to take my sone into town for lessons right aster work and finally got home at 7 and just bottomed out. I had two compliant sausages and some fried potatoes but for some reason I put sour cream on my potatoes. Then I ate some Halloween candy. Today is a new day though and I am still better off than I was last week. I am cleaning out my fridge first thing this morning.

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