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Started my 2nd whole30 on Nov.2nd


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Started my Second Whole30 on November 2nd


Couldn't class it as a whole60 because I took a day of rest and had a nice cup of tea with canned milk and sugar.  Also made some homemade French fries with lard (potato from my garden) and one small coffee crisp from my husband's candy.  They were small bars and only one.  Just a bit of congestion for about 10 minutes and that was the small price I paid.  Seemed worth it.


November 2nd


Breakfast:  2 eggs, cabbage, garlic onions and broccoli


Lunch:  sausage meat, 1/2 yam, 1 fig.............hmmm not enough veg


Dinner:  broccoli, salad, canned salmon


Lotsa water, hot water, lemon water and 2 coffees throughout the day


Took measurements too. 

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November 3rd (day 2)


Breakfast:  Sauerkraut, celery, onion and garlic omelette


Lunch:  ON the run,  couple bites of canned salmon,


Dinner:  Large Salad filled with, green peppers, red onions, celery, white onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, hot sautéed onions and beef. garlic mayo as dressing


Sure wish I could afford our bacon. 


Lots of water, hot water, lemon water and 2 coffees. and more water.

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Day 3 November 4th, 2014


felt Great today, lotsa energy, not too much pain, had taken 2 tylenal around 3 in the morning for severe all over joints, muscles, sharp pains in right thigh this time.  Had worked solid 7 hrs on my feet last night.  Any hooo  feel pretty darn good, just stiff, did all the chores this morning no problems, some yoga. Wasn't tired when I went to bed @ 10:00pm.  Slept very well going into day 4


Breakfast:  Baked Sausage in Pizza form, filled with Zucchini, onions, garlic, celery,apple nutmeg and cinnamon salt and pepper. 1lb of organic sausage meat packed full of 4 cups of minced vegetables, spread on a pizza pan.  There is enough for 2 meals for 2 here.


Lunch:  Another hunk of my sausage pizza and salad with turmeric dressing


Dinner:  Pork Roast with large side salad and more turmeric dressing.  (I really have to prep dressing) Time for some shopping I am just about out of my veggies

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Day 4 November 5th, 2014


Felt pretty good all day.  Did 15 mins Yoga, 3 sets of pull downs 50lbs.  5 minutes climbmaster.  Regular farm chores of course (takes about 1/2 hr in the morning)  Hubby does the rest.


Breakfast:  2 egg, broccoli, onion and Garlic omelette & broccoli on the side


Lunch:  Fritatta, filled with, apples, raisens (just a few), onions, broccoli, garlic, Cabbage and celery, 2 eggs


Dinner:  big huge tomato salad, with dressing, left over pork roast.


Got hungry because I didn't eat enough at supper time.  ate 2 eggs


Regular 2 coffees, lots of water, water with lemon, meadowsweet and mint teal

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Day 5 November 6th


You know the day is a blurr,  I know I didn't go off plan for sure, but can't remember what I had for breakfast.  or lunch either.  REALLY


 Dinner:  slow cooked organic Italian chick with sautéed and steamed veggies,  broccoli, onions, garlic, celery, ginger (my son says too much ginger though it was great)  we had to go to town he hadn't eaten all day and we had picked him up to pick up his truck)  He said lets stop at A&W  I said no, we have a wonderful chicken in the slow cooker. ha. so there...  Cooked him and my hubby some rice, I don't even like rice so no problem there. 


My energy level is good,  did some yoga, had a tooo busy day to do much else though.  sleeping great still moody as hell though

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Had a very hectic weekend but stayed on plan the whole time,  Made a huge pot of Cocao Chili from the well fed book with some addition veg.  Ate lots of chicken, spaghetti squash etc 


Brought me to Day 7. 

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