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First time - vegetarian and breastfeeding


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Hi all!  

I started my first Whole 30 yesterday.  I am 4 months post partum, and up 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy.  I am a nutrition coach so I know how to eat well, but I've been a little lax during maternity leave.  Lots of green smoothies and salads, but also some scones and birthday cake M&Ms and crap like that.  

Yesterday I had: 

- 2 eggs, with some lentils and a sweet potato for breakfast 
- A big green smoothie for lunch, with nuts and a small apple
- A larabar as a snack 
- Lentils and big pile of sautéed kale for dinner, and a small apple w almond butter 


I also exercised (T25) and drank my water.  


Would love to buddy up if anyone is in a similar situation! 


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