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I'm a think-aheader and planner, so this post is born out of that :) .


My first Whole30 will end 2 days before Thanksgiving. My mindset is to keep eating W30 because it just makes sense NOT to put additives, fake-stuff, etc., in my body. I'm thinking of having "off-plan" meals only? on special occasions (ie: T-giving, Christmas, visits to out-of-town friends, etc), when it's REALLY difficult to ask everyone what is in their dishes. I believe I can make the best possible food choices during these occasions (ie: only having a SMALL bite of pie or sweets or other food that I know *just by looking* isn't plan compliant).


I'm wondering if this is advisable? Would appreciate thoughts from folks "who have been there". Thanks!

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Once you finish your Whole30, you can do whatever you want. There are two reintroduction schedules, the original one and the slow roll, but neither one really fits what you're talking about here. There's also the Guide to Nutritional Offroading which might be helpful in deciding what you want to indulge in. 


What you should consider, though, is that you will have done a Whole30, which means for 30 days, you haven't had grains (gluten containing or otherwise), or dairy, or legumes. If you have your Thanksgiving dinner and have, say, a bite of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream (dairy & gluten & sugar), some turkey that it turns out has soy in the marinade (legumes), maybe a glass of wine, maybe there's some corn in something -- and you have some digestive issues, or you get a headache, or some other symptom, you won't know what caused it. Maybe you really won't have any reaction to any of those things, so it won't matter, but if you want to know how they affect you so that you can use that information to make decisions about what is worth having, now is the best time to do controlled reintroductions to find out. 

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Hi - If you're planning on doing proper reintroductions, you might want to try to be W30 as possible at Thanksgiving.  Or, some advise eating W30 for a week after off roading and then starting the reintros. 


Going forward, it's up to you to ride your own bike.  I'm doing pretty well eating mostly W30 at home, trying to avoid sugar/dessert completely, and then, when out, just doing my best to make good choices and eat things that are either healthy or totally worth it and special.  I found W30 super easy except when out at restaurants or at friend's / family houses.  That part was stressful.  I don't like causing a fuss and I don't like explaining my food.  As I don't have any extreme reactions to anything, I found I can maintain this way of eating fairly easily as long as I removed the stress of eating away from home.  If I ate away from home more often, I might re-evaluate. 


Good luck!

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