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More weekend cooking


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Cooked yesterday since I was gone on a hike most of today. My meals for the week include:

The standard stuff. Another double batch of mayo - do I really eat that much mayo????? Sweet potatoes. Boiled eggs.

The meatsa pizza thing from the clothes make the girl. I made mine with a Greek flare, with onions, peppers, zucchini and summer squash and then a big boatload of spinach and a jar of olives. It looks good, I haven't tried it yet.

Sauted kale with coconut and pomegranate. This is a staple of my breakfast now.

Sauted coconut chips and almonds.

Tandoori chicken thighs.

Garlic aioli.

Lamb sausages.

Mashed cauliflower

Tuna steaks.

And some frozen bananas that I made a dipping sauce for with hazelnuts, raw cocoa and coconut butter, I think it's called. I had some in my pantry and I wanted to make something that was easily transportable and would provide energy on my hike. I planned to eat some of it with an apple for a snack but never really got very hungry.

Cantalope wrapped in ProscIutto

And my first attempt at pork bellies.... I'm in love!

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Wow, This sounds great. I wish I could cook so much in a day. I did try Sunday but mostly cooked ground meat, not so adventurous as you. And I was so tired I didn't conquer sides. I made the chocolate chili from the clothes made the girl, almond *breaded* chicken tenders which were for the kids and I managed to burn them, a chicken meatloaf from paleomg, and some taco meat. :( I made some crockpot apples from paleomg.

How long did it take you to prep/cook everything? The dipping sauce sounds so good. I bought some Justin's Hazelnet butter and was so addicted to it for awhile. Did you make your own coconut butter? I made some last week and put it in the fridge and it was hard as a brick when I tried to use it on the apples.

Thanks for the ideas. I never would have thought canatlope and prosciutto.

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Jennifer, I love to cook and have always been able to cook 20 things at once. I literally used to shop and cook and fill my freezer once a month and it usually took me a day and a half between the regular things I was doing. It's easier for me this way because I can enjoy the actual cooking part on the weekends. I wouldn't do that during the week, I would just pick out the easiest thing to eat. Ivevrozen a few portions of the bigger dishes so I'll have reserves just in case. Anyway, it sounds like you got a jump start on your cooking as well, which is good. Prep makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? To answer your question, I don't know exactly how long it took to cook everything, I'm the queen of multitasking. I'd say not more than half the day and much of the effort went to the pork bellies. They occupied my oven for a couple of hours, which held me up from cooking other things. I didn't make my own coconut butter, I used some coconut manna I had on hand. But I won't buy it again, Ill try making it.

Summergirl, yes, it's taken from clothesmakethegirl but I add some nutmeg and crushed red pepper, and then add pomegranate seeds.

Thanks for the feedback!

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