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New to Whole30- Chronic GI problems and "Non-allergic" allergies


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This is technically day 0 but I have been gently easing into Whole30 for about 5 days, being compliant except for dark chocolate and coconut ice cream. Tomorrow will be my official day 1. My main hopes for this program are to heal my gut and to identify foods which might be causing low-level chronic GI problems and severe allergy symptoms (watery and itchy eyes itchy skin, nose, ears, throat, etc) if I don't take a daily antihistamine and use antihistamine eye drops. 


Breakfast: fried egg in coconut oil

Lunch: pulled pork over salad greens with EVOO and balsamic vinegar

Dinner: slow-cooked roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots

Snacks: pinch of slivered almonds, fermented sauerkraut

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On day 5. Over the last few days, I've cooked/made:

  • thai green curry with chicken, onion, green pepper, and cauliflower
  • the morning mash (ground turkey and apple, cinnamon, nutmeg),
  • meat sauce with olives, capers, loads of spinach
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • egg salad w/ and w/o balsamic vinegar
  • chicken and vegetable soup

Tonight I cooked butternut squash soup and ground chicken to mix with butternut squash and/or cubed roasted butternut squash, to eat tomorrow. 



 I noticed a reaction in my face to eating sweet potatoes which I have experienced before but forgot about. No more sweet potatoes. 


Also, I noticed that my antihistamine (allegra) has corn starch. 

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