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Grandmother Completes 2nd Whole 30!!!!


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Yay!!!!  I have successfully completed my 2nd Whole 30.  Last year, my chiropractor told me about the program; I had so much inflammation that my chiro adjustments were not effective. At the age of 61, I decided to try the Whole 30 in August 2013, and although difficult, as I began to feel better it began to get easier.  Miracle of miracles…my pain subsided and I had to visit the chiropractor less and less.  It really did help that I had her cheering me on.  I would like to give a "shout out" to Dr. Sarah Barbee, who was my inspiration!


Unfortunately, last year I did not do the reintroduction too well…I was just too eager to eat everything.  This time, however, I don't feel that compulsion to, as Melissa says, "Dive into a box of donuts."  In fact, the thought of a donut kind of makes me nauseous.  I am feeling SOOOO good! I didn't really miss anything on this second Whole 30…except milk in my coffee.  So the first thing I did this morning was have coffee with milk.  It was wonderful and I toasted to my success with every sip.  I have decided not to add anything but that until the weekend, when I will enjoy a glass of wine with my hubby.  I will continue as I have been eating because I LIKE IT!  I love the good food for the way it makes me feel, but also for the way it tastes.  I don't want to go back to the way I was eating…it's the Sugar Dragon that eventually gets me, so I'm on here for support.  I've done this completely on my own while living with 2 junk food eaters!


OK…excuse me while I toot my own horn……TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!  I am so proud of myself.  :-)





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Well, here I am on Day 3 of my re-intro.  I decided to begin with dairy because all I could think about was having my coffee the way I used to LOVE it…with milk.   Just milk, no sweetener.


At first the coffee tasted wonderful.  I felt like I was in heaven after drinking it black or with coconut milk for 30 days. But my happiness was short lived because in about a half hour, I began to feel nauseous.  And I had a run to the bathroom, if you catch my drift. :o I've been stuffy and have had a runny nose for a couple of days, but that could be a cold I caught from my husband or granddaughter, or it could be allergies. (Our property has lots of trees and therefore lots of leaf mold.)  I'm not quite sure how to figure out what's what.


Day 2:  I tried the milk in my coffee again.  Again I felt nauseous, drank a half cup, and poured the rest down the drain. I'm surprised because this didn't happen after my first Whole 30 a year ago.  At work, I ate a little cheese and found myself feeling soreness in my neck and shoulder toward the end of the day (an area in which I have experienced lots of pain due to a past neck injury, and which is the main reason I did to Whole 30…to help with the inflammation.)


Day 3:  I woke up this morning and decided I didn't want the milk in my coffee.  I can hardly believe I'm writing this.  I drank it black, and discovered that a tiny piece of a Larabar eaten before drinking black coffee kind of smooths out the bitterness.  Hey, it works for me!  I didn't want to eat dairy today in any form; I think it will be a once in a great while thing but it's out the window as far as my everyday eating habits go. 


Here's the thing…I had been feeling so BAD and now I am feeling so GOOD.  There is no food worth making me feel bad again.  I know I will make some bad decisions but I will make them consciously, weighing the pros and cons, and then will decide it's worth it.


So here is the plan:  The church bazaar is tomorrow and they have these fabulous fried oysters!!  I'm going to have some and see what happens.  I will most likely pay the price but frankly, fried oysters are worth it!  And I'm going to have an IPA.


After that, back on Whole 30 for 3 days, and then reintroduction of grains, beginning with the gluten free Joseph's Lavashes I use practically exclusively in place of bread. After that, I will reintroduce pasta and hoping there won't be a reaction to that.  (I don't like gluten free pasta)


As far as sugar and legumes go, I don't want to eat soy and sugar is the only thing I fear, so I'm going to avoid it as much as possible.

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