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So, I'm a little late coming to the forum...

I began my whole30 on November 4 in honor of my dad. On Nov. 4 of last year, he had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. A week and a half later we took him off life support. One of the last conversations I had with him was about the whole30. He had been strictly Paleo for years and it had drastically improved his health. He'd lost 40lbs and lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure. After he died, I tried to jump into a whole30 but I couldn't do it successfully for a host of reasons. Now is the time.

The last few years have been a physical and emotional struggle. Four summers ago I was in a car crash that resulted in about 10 surgical procedures and a spinal fusion, more than 3 years of physical therapy, and lots of things to distract me from putting energy towards a whole30. On top of my accident-related stuff, I tend towards seriously overworked adrenals and a weak immune system.

Thanks to a great doctor, my last procedure in September got rid of debilitating pain which kept me from working, exercising, cooking, and being capable of doing this.

I've recently been able to start exercising and grab this whole30 by the horns.

The run down so far:

Day 1 was easy, too easy...

Day 2 I fell off the wagon and had to have a do-over.

Nov. 4, the first day of my do-over, I recommitted myself to hanging in there. I couldn't believe I'd only made it a day...

Writing this, I'm at the end of day 5.

I've been exhausted and slightly headachy today.

I haven't had bad craving or anything, but watching tv is a challenge...I change the channel every time a food commercial comes on. It would be SO much easier if there were commercials for kale and grass fed beef rather than Nutella and Oreos!

Today, I got up at 6:30 and went for a walk/jog. Not a huge distance, but it's huge for me after not being able to exercise for so long.

On the bright side, everything tastes so good! My husband is being super supportive and I love him for it. I normally have moderate acne. My skin is clearer and I've had no new breakouts. So far so good!

Here's to you, Dad. (the handsome guy in the pic)

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Since I started this diary late, I wanted to list my food log for the first few days:

Day 1:

BF - 3 egg omelet with green onions, 1/2 avocado, salsa

L - avocado and a banana (in a rush, missed protein, etc.)

D - Cajun shrimp with pan fried brusselsprouts and ghee

Has a banana for snack and about 4 oz of Apple juice

Worked out

Day 2:

Forgot to log

Day 3:

B - 2 hard boiled eggs, handful of almonds

L - romaine lettuce salad with tomatoes, Cajun shrimp cooked in ghee, 1 avocado

D - brussel sprouts, green beans, baked chicken breast

Worked out

Day 4:

B - 2 hard boiled eggs

L - 2/3 lunch portion of steak and chicken fajitas with onions and bell peppers, guac

D - Asian grilled chicken salad, mixed greens, cucumber, fresh mango, red bell peppers

Snacked on the last 1/3 of my fajitas and a handful of almonds

I also worked out

Day 5:

B - 1/2 avocado, 3 egg omelet, tomato, gree onions, salsa, green tea

L - 1/2 avocado, sm. tangerine, handful of almonds, 1/2 cucumber (missed the protein)

D - 9oz steak with onions and mushrooms, mixed greens salad with tomato and cucumber and lemon juice worked out

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First off, I'm so sorry about your Dad. My heart goes out to you. It's a beautiful tribute that you're doing this for him but more importantly for yourself.


Second, I wanted to say, you got this! You have faced so many more difficult challenges. Your story really touched me and I want to cheer you on. I just finished my first whole30 and it really did change my life and change my relationship with food and my health. I'm glad you have support and please lean on us in the forums if you need it.


This thread might be helpful for figuring out the picture thing.


Good luck and keep us posted!

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Last week I was at the beginning of a W30 and fell off the wagon when I had to take a long car ride. I fell right into the grips of a fast food fall from grace in combination with deciding that since I had already "blown it" snacking on Halloween candy in the car that my kids had was ok too. I figured since I'd already dropped the ball, why not feed the sugar dragon too, lol.

So this afternoon I have to make the same drive. Long and across a mealtime.

I WILL NOT make the same mistakes today.

I WILL make good food choices.

I WILL not allow myself to get stressed out or dehydrated and reach for junk.

I WILL be prepared.

I AM prepared.

I am about to leave, armed with a bunch of Healthy Yum.

I'm taking a bunch of fresh veggies, almonds, and spice-rubbed seared tuna steak with coconut amino/lemon/vinegar dip.

I just whipped up a tripple batch of NomNomPaleo's Spicy Tuna Cakes ( my All Time Favorite Healthy Yum) and can't wait to reward myself with one when I get home as part of a late dinner.

Send me your positive vibes!

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I made it! Long drive and no fall from grace!

I'm still feeling really exhausted but I woke up to a visit from Aunt Flo so that may have something to do with it. I woke up at 830 and have every intention of going to b early but I ended up with a kid emergency that kept me up way too late.

So here what I ate today:

Breakfast was Green tea, 3 hard boiled eggs and garlic green beans with ghee

Lunch was seared ahi tuna with an Asian spice rub and coconut amino/lemon/vinegar dipping sauce with wasabi, fresh veggies (carrots and celery), and a handful of almonds.

Dinner was rushed due to the kid medical emergency...three sweet potato tuna cakes

No snacking but dinner wasn't enough

In addition to feeling really tired, I haven't needed otc meds for cramps, which I usually do, and I was a little dizzy when I got up out of my chair a couple of times. Not sure what that's about.

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Three spicy tuna cakes, celery and carrots, and green tea


Two hard boiled eggs, hanful of almonds, carrots and celery, small tangerine


Romaine salad with seared spice-rubbed ahi tuna , 1/2 cucumber, and coconut amino/lemon juice/vinegar dressing with scallions

Tired, tired, tired but I was up til 330am with a sick child... Still got 8 hrs of sleep though. Was a little dizzy a coupe of times but no cravings and no hunger.

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PWO Hard boiled egg

B: 3 spicy tuna cakes, green tea

L: 1 avocado, handful of almonds, cardamom tea...I failed miserably with lunch... I can't remeber eating anything substantial :( I must have gotten busy

D: 2 pieces of baked tilapia, one spicy tuna cake, 2+c. of steamed green beans with ghee and garlic

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B: herbal tea, 3/4 of a 3 egg omelette w/ 1/2 avocado, green onions, 1 plum tomato, cilantro and salsa ( I got full! Wha?)

L: 1 tangerine and 8oz of Bilberry kombucha. It's amazing to me how "sweet" things I didn't consider sweet before taste to me now! Like kombucha and celery!!... More later

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I fell. My weakness is scheduling. I didn't schedule my meals well, ended up buying a larabar on the fly and eating it with coconut chips, salted nori, and grapefruit juice after getting caught out without emergency food and having not made it home for lunch. I had a late lunch of jerk chicken and curried cauliflower. Then I got home and it was pandamonium with the kids, and my hubby was out of town. I threw my blood sugar out of whack with the lunch skip and I ended up finishing my kids Mac and cheese. It was gross. I felt gross. Ugh. Back to day 1.

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