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Out of control histamine reaction or just plain ole sick?

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Hi all!


I have googled and searched these forums for a lot of help throughout my first Whole 30 but haven't quite found the answer to this one. Starting Day 7 up until today, Day 14, I have had a horrible cough which has turned into what feels like a sinus infection.


Since it just started with sore throat, I did search for that and found that a few people have had some silent reflux issues. So, I started taking some Prilosec. It seemed to work a bit but obviously wasn't the source of the problem since it's been about a week that's probably not it.


I also searched and found quite a lot of people saying that the sore throat and stuffy nose aren't part of the carb flu. So that was out.


  So, to continue with the rambling, yesterday I went for a run. I run with a ton of people who have done Whole 30s. One of them is an ENT and suggested, after I told her I itched like crazy up until day 5, that this ickiness I am having could just be a heightened histamine reaction. I do love bananas and eggs and have had at least one of each since day 1. What do you think? Could this be a rough histamine reaction to my diet change or am I just sick (The weather was cold and rainy after lots of heat where I live this past week as well).


Thanks for any help!

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Yeah, you might just be sick.


I can't help myself from adding this, though: please don't take meds like Prilosec without a diagnosis. Proton pump inhibitors are already prescribed way too often for people without high stomach acid (low stomach acid symptoms are often confused for high and given this med), but the way it works is to actually change the chemistry in your gut. Your body will create the proper gut chemistry if you give it the right foods. Gut chemistry is a major key to health, adding these meds means it will take you longer and you will struggle more trying to find the right balance of acids for good digestion.


I hope you feel better soon!

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