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Post-Whole30 weird observations...


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So, full disclosure - I didn't finish my first Whole30, which I started Oct 2 and made it to Day 18 (Oct. 19)


Long story, won't go into it, but since then, while not doing a strict Whole30 again, I've been eating mostly Whole30-compliant and making meals from Well Fed 2 (which hasn't been too hard b/c I've been eating Paleo for the past few years anyway and love that cookbook), but give into a beer once or twice a week. Maybe some chocolate. But definitely more aware of what's out there now. :)


ANYWAY, two observations that I'm curious about:


A couple times when I gave into junk food (chocolate and fries are two instances I clearly remember), I honestly walked away feeling like I'm starving instead of full.... especially the chocolate. It is the weirdest thing. Wanting to crave more and more... I guess that goes back to crap food tricking our brain we want more ... (I'm reading ISWF finally). 


The other thing:


I keep losing weight. 


Last week, I had a few very un-compliant meals that included lasagna, clam chowder and fries. 


I'm just wondering - During those 18 days, was it possible to really change the body from a sugar-burning to a fat-burning machine? And by sticking with mostly W30 meals 90% of the time, it's possible to support that changed metabolism?


Does any of this make sense? I got on the scale this morning (after a big day yesterday of eating essentially nothing but eggs and veggies and roasted potatoes and soy-sausage (not my choice) and orange juice and ...) and lost yet ANOTHER pound this morning ... 


Since Oct. 2, this brings me down to 5.5 pounds lost. 



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