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cane vinegar


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I couldn't find anything on cane vinegar. It's one of the ingredients on a jamaican rub i bought at whole foods (all the other ingredients in the rub are compliant).  

I read that all vinegars are allowed with the exception of malt vinegar, so I think it is allowed, but common sense is telling me otherwise, since cane vinegar is made from sugar cane juice, then fermented.  

Any thoughts?

Thanks a bunch!


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Thanks for posting this! I live in Germany & bought some canned artichoke hearts before I noticed that part of the ingredients included Zuckerrohressig, as Germans like to smash 6 words together into one long, run-on word, I focused on the essig (vinegar) part & didn't notice the zucker (sugar) until I double checked as I was cooking. Now I can have lunch! :)

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