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Start Date for My 1st Whole30: Nov. 24th!

Rachel Leigh

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Well...here it goes...the beginning of my first Whole30. I have read the book in full and even went back to re-read the "scienc-y" stuff so I could make sure I completely understood HOW this lifestyle change will impact my mind, body, and emotional well-being. I am really looking forward to finally kicking my food cravings and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts when it comes to food and my unhealthy food habits.


Growing up I was always very active...I played sports all year round and was never just sitting around at home. Unfortunately, this very active lifestyle meant that I could eat most anything I wanted without feeling the negative side effects of what I was eating. When I went to college my activity level dramatically decreased...I went from working out 20-25 hours per week to maybe getting to the gym 4-5 hours per week. It was then that my unhealthy eating habits caught up with me. Since I was never focused on what I was eating I never thought to learn HOW to eat healthy. My unhealthy eating habits and choices negatively impact me further due to my having expereinced thyroid cancer as a teenager. I was diagnosed at 15 and worked for two years to become cancer free (Yay!). Unfortunately, however, not having a thryoid gland means I rely on medication to keep my weight and body at equilibrium...something that I have done a really poor job at managing thus far. It is my goal that through this Whole 30 program I will be able to feel better about my health and my body, as well as, reduce the amount of medicaiton that I take to manage my hormones (I will never be able to go off of it completely but could get it down to a healthier dosage). It is time for me to take control of my health. I am nervous to fail but believe this program can be my ticket to success.

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