No eggs, onions garlic coconut, beef whole 30 possible?


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I have had chronic illnesses and my health practitioner is using DNA results to help.  With DNA testing she has found 4 gene mutations and has helped alot.  I had done the Whole 30 once.  In many ways I was feeling better, then I started having extreme pain.  One of the cell mutations makes me sulfur intolerant.  Since sulfur is still necessary she was able to narrow it down to the main culprits, onions, garlic, eggs, coconut and beef.  I feel at quite a loss , esp. because onion and garlic those are my main cooking  staples. The condition is temporary until she can balance out my system.  Anyone have any ideas ?  

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Chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, canned salmon/tuna, rosemary, thyme, ginger, seasoning mixes from Well Fed/Clothes Make the Girl, all the veggies, olives, lard, avocados.


This is totally doable!  And delicious!

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