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Off-road successes

Colleen Roy

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My husband and I finished our whole30 at the end of July. We decided to continue to eat "whole30", with weekend "off-road" excursions. We've still maintained an 85-90% compliant diet with that plan. Every single time we've had something that is not whole30 compliant we have been sorely disappointed....until tonight.

Tonight, we had an ice cream sundae at the local ice cream stand. IT WAS DELICIOUS AND TOTALLY WORTH IT. Ok, now I know.

Gotta stay away from that except for REALLY special occasions...it was the only non-compliant food I have had that actually tasted freaking delicious. Every other food that I thought I wanted was a total disappointment and I realized how much I DIDN'T miss it after all. But ice cream? Yikes. I better run-and run fast and far...I could totally jump back on the ice cream bandwagon if I'm not careful!

Good thing I cleaned out my closet and got rid of my "not healthy" clothes and went shopping for new school clothes for the new and healthy me! :) Don't want to fit in those old clothes ever again! That is enough motivation to stay compliant with the occasional ice cream detour!

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Shopping for smaller clothes , even better than ice-cream!

Continued success to you.

SO much better than ice cream-though a bit more expensive Derval! :P

Woke up this morning with a tummy that was churning and feeling bloated-so, while that ice cream sundae may have tasted fabulous and I thought it was worth it in the moment, this morning I am not so sure. Yuck. I hate feeling this way. Definitely not missing this.

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