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Question about water intake


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I feel like I should know this, but unfortunately I don't.


So - I know the amount of water I need to drink so that I'm consuming half my body weight in ounces. But I'm adding in some herbal teas (hibiscus leaf and hawthorn leaf) as supplements for blood pressure.


Do the teas add to my ounces-of-water-per-day, or do they count as part of that intake? 


To be clear, I understand that there is no harm in drinking more liquid, but I'd like to, say, add a hibiscus tea bag to my water bottle that I use at work - and I'd like to know if that's something I can count in my total amount or if it should be counted AFTER I've consumed my water for the day.


I hope this isn't too picky. I stand up and talk all morning and chauffer kids all afternoon, so taking enough breaks to drink enough water (and having enough places close by to pee) is a bit more challenging than I like to admit.

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