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ooppps blew it..think I will whole9 it for a while


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Well got to day 40.  Had a rough time and blew it.  not badly but would justify a re-start for sure.  I think I will whole9 it for a while.  just want to add back rye crisps and peanut butter I think.  Maybe butter too. (not  sure about that one)  It is kind of a food without brakes for me.  Keep meself posted. ha


As I still have 100 lbs to loose I will weigh on November 30th and still keep close track of how I am doing.   I will list anything I deviated on.    Must read up on whole9 more thoroughly though.


November 2nd to 9th, totally whole30


November 10th.  Ate 1 slice of bread with moose roast and butter.  otherwise whole30.


November 11th.  Ate whole30 all day


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November 12th,


Breakfast:  couple eggs, scrambelled, Spaghetti squash. coffee, water


snacked, on 3 crackers and peanut butter and butter  (NOT COMPLIANT AT ALL)


Lunch:  Bowl stewed tomatoes,


Snack:   2 rye crisps with peanut butter.....  I still have the jury out on this one.


Dinner, Pork chop and 1/2, boiled potatoes, spaghetti squash.


Conclusion.  I like whole30 and will stay eating this way for the most part.  I will make a conscious decision to go off plan when it suits me, however I will not snack like I did today.  Snacking must consist of only compliant food. 


Am struggling with peanut butter and rye crisps as to whether I want to add back or not.  


Today the 13th of November I do not feel that well. 

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This morning November 13, I am craving vegetables, I mean really craving.  So sautéed up a bunch of cabbage, bok choy, onions, garlic, apples with cocoanut oil and fried a couple eggs in cocoanut oil for breakfast.  2 large lemon waters.  ....


I seem to be suffering from a bladder infection, have been drinking lots of water.  been 2 days now.  Down to -14 c. now might have got a chill.

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