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Happy Thanksgiving!


MadscienceM that's interesting feedback regarding exercise. I decided to back off my usual routine, it's a good time of year for me to take a break and I figure my body needs some time to adjust to the eating before I expect endurance activities + fat burning. Normally I ride pretty aggressively 4-5 days a week. I know I'll be starting to go stir crazy here pretty quick and need to get back on the bike, so I will be applying this Whole30 exercise info.


Yesterday was a marathon baking day. 24 dozen cookies (no exaggeration) and 4 batches of dinner rolls for Thanksgiving. Yes, we have a large extended family!


1) I don't even really enjoy baking and 2) It's REALLY hard for me to not "taste" everything I cook. So I am giving myself a firm pat on the back for surviving.


My food was

Hamburger with red sauce

Lg Green salad with meatballs

Pork chops and apples w/broccoli


Then, in the evening the kids wanted to make apple dumplings to go with their movie night, and I caved in and snacked on dried fruit because I was tired of being in the presence of yummy stuff I can't eat. BUT I wasn't hungry at all, and I don't feel good when I snack AND I'm trying to avoid dried fruit. So that was a downer.


Overall though, considering the day, I'm happy to come out unscathed more or less.




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Hi everyone!  Been quiet around here the past few days- how is everyone doing?  How is everyone feeling?


I am feeling pretty good.. and hungry, right now!  Waiting for husband to get home for a late night dinner (zucchini noodles and WF2 cincinnati chili.. yum!).  Not having much of a problem sticking to the food template- the only time I've been truly tempted is on thanksgiving when my family got me a flourless chocolate birthday cake from my favorite bakery for my birthday.. it said "happy birthday Julia" and everything... I was surprised they did because they all know we are doing a whole30 now but it was sweet of them, regardless.  Sadly had to say no thank you to that and all of the other yummy looking desserts and stuck to fruit.. and really was okay with it.  I quickly left the kitchen after the desserts were put out and we played a really fun game as a family that was very distracting so that when the game was over and it was time to go home, I realized I hadn't been thinking about the desserts at all, which is definitely not like me (shows you why I need this program).


Started my 2 week free trial at Corepower Yoga yesterday- really enjoying it so far!  Did an intermediate yoga class yesterday which I was surprisingly sore from today, and a really intense spin class today- feels good to be working out hard again and really feeling lovely and spent when it's all done.  I know I'm going to be even more sore tomorrow and I'm kind of looking forward to it!


Food today:

B: Sauteed carrots and cauliflower with chicken sausage, 1/2 apple, coffee with coconut milk

L: 2 salmon cakes, sugar snap peas, homemade tarter sauce, 1/2 bottle kombucha

S (pre workout): 1/2 apple, pumpkin seeds

D: zucchini noodles with cincinnati chilli


Man.. I eat well!


Hope you are all doing well and staying on track!  You know where to come if you need help!

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Oh my gosh! I wish I'd known about this thread when I started! I started on the 17th, as well. I started this with the desire to figure out if something I drink or eat causes all the allergy issues I was having. I was taking Zyrtec 3/4x a week for a constanty itcy, runny or stopped up nose. Always one nostril at least I'd not be able to breath through. SO annoying. My lungs were giving my issues as well with needing more albuterol than usual. Boooo! I was starting to have skin reactions to things that I never had problems with before, like certain veggies would make the roof of my mouth swell and hurt.  Anyway, that was my biggest reason for starting. I also wanted to gain some control over my terrible eating habits.

So far so good. Seriously! After 5 days the congestion in my sinuses and my chest were gone. I am finally firing on both nostrils, man! That alone is a huge improvement in my health. I have not had 100% of my sense of smell for years. I have not had any desire to cheat. I've looked at foods and wine and said "man, I miss that stuff...", but no desire to have them mess things up. I LOVE breathing too much right now.

I did have two dreams of having no-nos. One was wine and I had one last night of pancakes, haha! What was amazing to me about those dreams is that I didn't feel guilty, but rather I savored both. I remember distinctly the tastes of both of them from the dreams. Delicous.

Exercise wise I'm on a two month break from triathlon training, so I'm not so worried about the few bad runs I've had. The first two weeks I started to feel the fatigue about 30 minutes into my runs, but Wednesday night I had an amazing mountain biking session. Felt light and strong throughout. I was able to not get totally dropped by the boys, woo hoo! I'm doing mostly strength and agility workouts to keep the muscles from totally wasting away during this break. I have found celery with sunbutter and chopped dates to be a good pre-workout snack/meal. I have to have something for anything an hour and longer.

As far as weightloss goes, I know I'm down. My gut and waist have shrunk enough to get back into some jeans I had outgrown. I don't feel so waterlogged and swollen. I know I was holding on to a lot of fluids before this. I can just feel it, and I know it's my allergies.

Energy wise, I felt like poo on day 3, but that's about it. The rest of the days I've been feeling pretty good. I didn't give up my daily cup of coffee (black), so no headaches. I'm not feeling that 2pm slump, but I'm ready for a full night's rest by 9pm.

I think that covers my journey up till today. 11.5 days to go! Good luck, guys!

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Hiiiiii! I haven't checked in on this forum in like a week, oops.


I had one moment of really wanting to cheat, which was getting Mexican food with my boyfriend. I reallllly wanted beans and cheese... but I managed to resist, and stick to chicken, veggies, and a side of avocado. I've also had dreams about string cheese (Really self? You pick anything to dream about cheating with and... string cheese??) and jelly beans, haha.


I haven't noticed any miraculous changes, like I still have a couple patches of dry skin that are a little better but not going away like I hoped. My allergies are a lot better though, and my energy level is much more consistent. I was not trying to lose weight with the program, but I feel more lean and toned than I did previously. I'm interested to weigh myself next week and see if weight has changed any! Also, I feel like I'm really getting more creative with food, especially vegetables. And I haven't been craving as much in terms of desserts or sugar.


...so there are definitely a lot of very good changes :)


I'm thinking that I may stick with a 85% Paleo/15% cheat/non-Paleo plan after this is done. This way of eating really helps me feel great, and I think it's been awesome for my relationship with food. However, I'm still going to experiment with dairy and legumes though, and I definitely want to have the option to enjoy off-plan foods every once in awhile and savor them!


Great job everyone, we have one more week!

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Hi everyone! Anyone else finish their whole30?  Hope whether you did or didn't, you gained something valuable from the experience.  Feel free to post your reflections here as I'm sure we could all benefit from them.


As for myself, I lost 2 pounds (not huge but I think I know why)- I think I let myself go a bit too crazy with the nuts and coconut milk in my coffee.  Husband finished the whole30 too and I'm so proud of him, and he lost 4 pounds (didn't have much to lose to begin with), but he has a bit more room for liberty with nuts and coconut milk and I think I let him sway me to an amount that was probably too much.  But that's okay, it's all a learning experience!  I still feel so much better, much less tummy troubles and headaches and skin issues and an overall higher energy throughout the day.  Thinking about doing another one in January (post honeymoon) and eliminating nuts/coconut milk from that one.  We'll see!


Now the challenge is not to go "done with whole30" crazy and eat whatever I want!  Defeats the purpose!

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