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I finished Whole 30 two weeks ago


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I love this way of life! When I started whole 30 my blood sugar was 110 mg/dl, it is now 93. My A1C was 6.3, and it is now 5.4. I'm now in the normal sugar range and I no longer have diabetes! My cholesterol and tryglycerides are within 30 points of the normal range, they were over a hundred points above normal when I started! I also lost 17 pounds (plus 4 more since I finished). I haven't had any indigestion and I am sleeping better. My friends say I'm worse than a reformed smoker because I want all of them to try the Whole 30. Since finishing all I've added is cheese plus an occasional cocktail. I've started an exercise program and I plan to be off all medications within a year, if possible. In addition, I read It Starts With Food and I learned more about diabetes than from my doctor or webmd. I encourage anyone to give it thirty days, you might be as amazed by the results as I am.

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