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Emily's Whole 30 Log


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Hi everyone!


I've been toying with doing the "whole 30" for a long time now...a few years, really. I'm a double-lung transplant recipient, and while it is AWESOME to be able to breathe, all the extra weight I've gained now? Not so much. I need to lose about 40 pounds to make my doctors happy, and really, I probably need to lose about 50-60 to be in "optimal" weight/BMI territory. I know a lot of people who have done the Whole 30, and it sounded like a good idea. But....


The first problem was I'm Italian, and I didn't want to stop eating pasta. :) But earlier this year I cut it out almost completely, due to a suggestion from my dietician. When I realized that wasn't as hard as I thought, the Whole 30 idea started to look  lot more doable!


Once that hurdle was overcome, I revisited the idea of doing a Whole 30. I know Melissa and Dallas do not recommend doing it during the holidays, and I'm going to follow that advice, starting in earnest in January. Until then, these are my goals: 


1) exercise 3-4 times a week (cardio/weights/flexibility, like yoga)

2) completely eliminate grains (except for those Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls. They come once a year, and they are WORTH IT)

3) Reduce snacking between meals to ONE snack between lunch and dinner and ONE snack post-dinner (I take meds at night, and need to eat with those.)

4) Focus on good quality sleep--meaning in bed by 11. (Holiday parties are the exception to this, but they don't happen often!) 

​5) EAT BREAKFAST. Real breakfast. Approved Whole 30 breakfast things, not cocoa puffs. 


So that's my month-and-a-half "pre Whole 30" plan. At the moment.  :) 

​Until January, the stuff I'll log here will pertain to those five goals. 

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