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Day 1- but eased myself in


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Good morning everyone :)

I just started my journey this morning. So far I've already learned to eat my breakfast before work starts so I get to focus on it more, instead of hoovering it in between phone calls. Hmm.. Only a few hours in and already needing changes.. Interesting!

I'm in the year before a "milestone" birthday, and finding that I've let my health and happiness roll off the tracks. I used to be super fit, super happy, and had a super relationship with food. My partner and I relocated almost three years ago (where does the time go?), and I've seen a steady decline in my attention to ME.


re-establish a healthy relationship with food

Break up completely with cheese (my ultimate weakness, and it's no good for me)

Re-establish a work out program (even walking every day)

Get control over mindless eating

Improve stress response

Improve sleep patterns


Working a brutal schedule from home, making meal times hard to pinpoint (I know, it seems like it would be the opposite but I'm on call always)

I enjoy the outdoors - but winter where I am is very cold - try to find a way to exercise indoors without feeling isolated at home

I love baking for stress relief- even though I don't eat everything I bake, I really love the activity and science of yeast breads, etc.

There is no way partner is giving up grains (at this point)

I'd rather eat vegetarian, but due to some food intolerances, the omni version of this program is a better choice

Small, remote city means I'm already finding it hard to find ingredients


I love to cook, so no problem trying out lots of new recipes

I'm stubborn as heck

I'm motivated as heck

Working from home lets me cook at home at any time

So, last week, knowing I was going to start this program, I scoured the interwebs for recipes, etc. I started filtering out non compliant ingredients so they wouldn't get wasted, and started easing myself into the program (ate mostly complaint foods). I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but I found that I slept better (I have terrible insomnia, often waking up from 1-4 many nights). I'm raging hungry first thing in the morning (when I used to not eat until much later, and then I was ravenous and ate everything FAST in sight).

Yesterday I cut up some cheese as a snack for partner and I .. That's when I realized I have a cheese problem. All afternoon and into the evening, all I could think about was having MORE. the rest of the week, I didn't have any and didn't miss it. So I know that that creamy goodness has to go. What a powerful response!

Anyway, looking forward to this journey and hopefully reading about everyone else's as well.

Started this morning with a black coffee ( I drink it that way anyways), 3 eggs, about 2 cups of mixed veggies (black kale and mixed peppers, broccoli) all sautéed in olive oil. I'm full and content and looking forward to some leftover chicken and greens for lunch.

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