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L's Whole30 Log


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Started on Sunday November 16.

Breakfast: 2 Eggs with sauteed veggies. Grapefruit.

Lunch: Turkey and carrot/avocado wrap with romaine lettuce

Dinner: Salmon, Brussell sprouts, banana.


I drank 128oz of water.

I'm really suffering from headache today, my guess is from lack of sugar or coffee.

I didn't get good sleep as this is the 1st night of my night shift stretch.

Hoping for some energy soon.





Day 2: Monday Novemeber 17.

Slept until 330 after working all night.

For 'breakfast': Eggs with veggie scramble, chicken sausage, grapefruit.

Lunch: Banana, salad

Dinner: talapia, roasted broccoli, pineapple, avocado.


I only had 96oz of water today and am suffering from major withdrawls...

Anyone else feel this tired the first few days?

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Day 3: Tues nov 18

breakfast: egg/kale scramble with chicken sausage

lunch: banana/salad

dinner: Vegetable/beef soup


drank 96oz of water. still have dull headache. however, have noticed that my stomach issues seem to be a little less. Really? after only 3 days?

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day 4 wed nov 19

this was my switch day from night shift to days so I slept a lot. I only woke up to eat 1 meal and then back to sleep.

I had chicken stirfry with tons of veggies

also a tangerine.


only had 40oz of water.




day 5: Thurs Nov 20


Breakfast: egg/sausage/kale

Lunch: applegate turkey, grapes, handful of nuts

Dinner: collard greens, sweet potato hash, chicken

watermelon for dessert :)


did bad on my water today but at least had 64oz.


my dull headache was gone, but I did get one right before bed. although, I have a small cold and it felt like a sinus thing.

today is the first day I've had a normal bathroom day. in idk how long.

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