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My decision to try another Whole30 stems from the severe acne I've experienced during the last year. It's crazy! I'm 37 and never had acne this bad. After trying lots of different treatments, including birth control bills, my doc suggested cutting dairy. Has anyone else experienced a decline in acne from cutting dairy? I'm in the second week now and I have to say my face has gotten EVEN WORSE this last week. Is this some sort of "detox" from eliminating dairy? I was hoping things would get better and not worse. Feeling bummed.

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Hi There,


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.  Please do note that things generally get worse before it gets better.  I have never had acne that bad - unless it was a lead up to my period.  But I do have issues rosacea.  So I do understand the feeling of feeling self conscious.


That being said - Are you able to list out a couple of days worth of meals?  That we might help you trouble shoot?

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I feel your pain! I am happy to report that my (not awful, but not fun) adult acne did clear up during my vegetarian Whole 30 and afterwards. I think it was a combination of cutting out dairy (except for organic full-fat yogurt) and reducing inflammation.

For acne, I have read that it often gets worse before it gets better, even with using medicated products, because your pores still need to get everything out.

I'm sure everyone is different though. Other tips I've read is to watch how many nuts you are eating and try vitamin D and zinc supplements. And drink a lot of water.

Good luck!

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I'm hoping that my whole30 will help with acne too. i'm 45 and I've had enough - wrinkles AND acne just doesn't seem fair. :)

I'm on day 7, no noticeable change yet, although other skin issues (itching, redness) seem better. I have read other testimonials that say it gets worse before it gets better too, so let's hang in there

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Could it be the toxins releasing from the body? But when not on whole30 the skin is super clear. Where are the toxins then, are they having a party inside you?

I experience acne when on whole30 but then it was the only thing to clear it all up for 6 months down the track.

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