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Start Date 11/21/14 Turkey day is not an issue


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Here's my commitment, I will begin Whole30 tomorrow, No. 21, 2014. You might think I'm (you're) crazy for starting this right now but seriously, why not now? Why not tomorrow? We're not really doing anything for Thanksgiving to begin with, so, no problem. This is for me. I'm doing this now because I want to. It will lead me into Christmas, which we do have plans and then for the three days we'll be away for Christmas I will stay Paleo (which we've been since June '14) and then begin 2015 with another Whole30 beginning January 1, 2015.


That's the plan so far! I'll keep you (and me) posted.


Thank goodness for an occasional apple or date by the way-I was happy to hear occasional berries or an apple (I know all fruit is acceptable but those are what I stick with because I'm allergic to everything basically) and dates were okay because sometimes a date stuffed with diy cashew "ricotta" wrapped with proscuitto or sugar-free bacon is always a nice treat for me. 


Here are my before pics, taken just last Thursday when I started FocusT25. Since June's start of Paleo I've only lost 10lbs but my body composition (I've lost a total of 18inches) and endurance is better. And, most of all, I feel so much better.

I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, HGH Deficiency, 4 herniated cervical discs, 2herniated lumbar discs, and arthritis in my back and neck and right hip, ad if that wasn't enough I was just diagnosed with RA four weeks ago.

I'm 43. I have a Fitbit and exceed my goals daily. I'm a very active person despite all the challenges. My latest blood rests show my inflammation to be greatly reduced than it has been in 13yrs and I swear that's from eliminating sugar and processed foods. I just want to do this whole30 to clean it up a bit.


I'll rock this!



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