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Welcome! This forum is specifically for people who are either following Whole30 or are interested in learning more about the program. The rules for Whole30 are here, along with the Can I Have list, and the meal planning template -- read through those things to learn more about the program.


While the Whole30 does eliminate grains and all sweeteners, it is not specifically designed to be a low-carb program -- you can have starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, winter squashes, and root veggies, and you can have fruit.


Ham often has sugar added to it. Because the rules of Whole30 say no added sweeteners, most hams are not Whole30 compliant. Whether the turkey is or not would depend on how it was prepared. 


If you are just looking at reducing carbs, my guess is the turkey would have fewer than the ham, but it depends on how it's made, so you'd have to find out the recipes and the specific ingredients used. However, Whole30 doesn't count carbs, or calories, or fat grams, or any of that, so this isn't necessarily the place to get advice on that.

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