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I'm new, and need help committing


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Ever since I was born I've never found a way I can eat and stay healthy, while I enjoy food. This is why, I'm allergic to all nuts, sesame seeds(oil as well), peanut butter, bread (but I've been eating gluten free everything), fish (but I can eat chicken of the sea tuna), egg whites(allergic to yellow yoke), I don't like salt (prefer to use hot sauce for taste), milk (but I can drink rice milk). The list goes on and keeps growing, hopefully you guys can help me find alternatives. Thanks and nice to meet all of you.

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But you look healthy! Welcome.


A lot of the foods that you have problems with make people less healthy. Whole30ers do not seek substitutes for these foods. We avoid them entirely!


You say you are allergic to fish, but report you can eat a specific brand of canned tuna. That suggests you don't like fish, not that you are allergic. You don't have to eat fish during a Whole30, but you might find that you like fish if you tried it cooked differently than you have in the past. 


You say you don't like salt and prefer to use hot sauce for taste. You may get some salt in hot sauce, but whether you like it or not, salt is important to staying healthy. Processed foods are loaded with salt, so you have been getting lots. During a Whole30, you eat real, whole fresh foods, so if you don't add salt when cooking or eating, you may not get enough salt. I don't have any specific guidelines for you on this, but I am raising the issue.


The place to learn about the Whole30 is found here: http://whole30.com/new/ There are links to explanations of the program, the rules, and lots of helpful resources and guides.

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